8 Exciting Engagement Ring Trends For 2021

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As we have seen during the course of the global pandemic, nothing can stop love, and as we head back out into the world with the lockdown restrictions easing, many people are preparing to pop the big question.

Engagement rings have become more creative over the years, with spectacular designs to showcase a couples love for each other. Many wedding and engagement celebrations were put on hold during the height of the pandemic, but as we move back to normality, many people want to know what the best and most trendy styles are for their proposals. Whether you already have the ring of your or your partners dreams picked, or you’re both only beginning to talk about getting married, our guide is packed with amazing ideas to help you find the perfect ring for the occasion. 

Engagement Rings 2021

Moissanite Stones

In today’s modern world, sustainability has become increasingly important to couples looking at engagement rings, and many have taken a step away from the traditional mined diamond rings for manufactured alternatives. When moissanite was first discovered over a century ago, it was first thought to be diamonds. However, it was later found that moissanite is composed of silicon carbide, whereas mined diamonds are created from compressed coal and minerals, a process that takes hundreds of years.

Scientists were later able to develop a thermal growing process for moissanite to be manufactured in a controlled environment; this process is not harmful to the earth and removes the problems with conflict trade. With a higher refraction index than diamonds, moissanite stones have more brilliance and fire for a greater sparkle in any ring setting. You don’t have to worry about the longevity of the stone either as they are extremely durable and scratch-resistant, second only to diamonds on the hardness scale. 

Moissanite engagement rings are extremely popular with couples looking to get engaged as they not only offer an environmentally friendly alternative to diamonds, but they give the best sparkle when compared to other popular stones. Infinity Diamond Jewellery offer a fantastic range of moissanite jewellery, including beautiful engagement rings, and you can maximise on giving back to the environment when you use their services as they promise to plant one tree for every purchase.

Engagement Ring Trends 2021

Personal Touch

With so much uncertainty still plaguing us during the pandemic, a popular trend for personalising engagement rings has emerged as couples take control of what they can during these difficult times. Many people are sitting with designers to craft the perfect ring that will be unique and meaningful to their partner alone. One of the aspects of these designs is to have hidden messages of love that only the couple understand; this can be subtle aspects of the design or cut into the stone itself. People are always looking for ways to do things differently, and engagement rings are no different. Styling the ring with designers is the perfect way to add extra love and meaning behind the proposal. 

Band Style Rings

Band style rings have grown in popularity over the years in lieu of the traditional single stone engagement ring. Rather than opt for separate rings for the engagement and wedding ceremony, many couples are opting for rings that have multiple stones and bands that can be used for both. Over the pandemic, many couples found that with the constant washing and hand sanitising, they were having to have their current rings cleaned more often; this is part of the reason single rings have become more popular. 

Classic Styles

As people were unable to go into jewellers during the height of the pandemic, many people turned to virtual ring shopping online, which gave way to the rise of classical styles. The increase in popularity for classic styles was due to being unable to view the rings in person and wanting to play it safe with a timeless style the recipient would surely love. However, these styles are remaining popular even as the restrictions continue to lift, with many couples falling in love with the simple, exquisite beauty the classic styles bring.

Side Stones

Since the world first saw the ring on Meghan Markle’s hand and how beautiful the setting was, many people have tried to emulate this with their own engagement rings. However, since the beginning of 2021, this style has become more scaled back, and many people are now opting for smaller side stones. These petite stones add a delicate and modern twist to the classic three stone ring.


In another step away from diamonds, many young couples prefer emeralds as an alternative for the stone in their ring. Emeralds are a timeless stone that offers an air of elegance as well as a flash of colour to any engagement ring.

Yellow Gold

Over the years, yellow gold fell out of popularity in favour of platinum or white gold for engagement rings, but since the beginning of 2021, that has changed. More people than ever are using yellow gold for their engagement rings, especially for those opting for classic styles where yellow gold looks its best. Many of the rings chosen by couples use a mix of yellow gold and other materials, such as having a platinum band with a yellow gold halo hugging the stone for an extra sparkle. It was previously traditional to only wear one material at a time when choosing jewellery, but new trends are mixing materials in fun and elegant ways; yellow gold rings, white gold necklaces and mixed materials on bracelets or earrings. 

Coloured Gemstones

Over the years, diamonds have become more unpopular as young couples chose alternatives for their engagement rings such as moissanite, sapphires, or emeralds. A fantastic way to make an engagement ring unique is by opting for coloured gemstones or choosing unusual metals. Colourful stones look incredible in any style of ring, like the classic round or oval shapes and the more modern geometric styles. Many coloured precious stones are popular when looking for an alternative stone for your engagement rings, including morganite, topaz, amethyst, ruby and citrine for a modern, artful, and timeless aesthetic. If you are looking for more information related to engagement rings, reach out to diamond experts at Moissanite.


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