How to do Good When the World Feels Bad

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Right now, you may be feeling a little (or a lot) of concern about the way the future is panning out. The bad news can seem to keep on coming in waves. Every time you scroll through your newsfeed or turn on the TV, chances are you are met with another thing to worry about. Financial crises, threats to the planet, loss of freedom, fears for public health, there are many sombre stories, all battling to get top billing. Life lately seems full of impending threats and concerns to occupy your thoughts. So how do you go beyond this, work through it, and stay sane? 

With so much bad news forever buzzing around and the promise of more constantly around the corner, it is only natural to feel a little disillusioned. If you have been left wondering just when you can even hope that some good news will come along, it’s definitely time to make a change.

All these things can seem like they’re somewhere far away. Maybe just an ominous threat in the far distance. You may feel things are spiralling and slipping from the grips of your control. This doesn’t need to be true. 

Step up for change

Feeling stuck with your mind whirring through worries can leave you inert and stuck in an anxious place. That underlying presence of concern can seep into the entirety of your life. Freeing your mind from these worries is possible. You just need to have an idea on how to start.

Taking action is often the only way to distance your mind from endless worries and concerns. Doing something, or even anything, can make a massive positive difference. 

As you will know already, change is very rarely easy to come by. Being proactive can feel deeply unfamiliar, making it uncomfortable. But don’t let that get between you and making a change. You could feel you don’t even have a slight clue where to begin. This can be solved in no time with the inspiration below:

Find Your Connection

Connecting with your values may seem a little clichéd. It’s probably something you think you do anyway. But when you want to make a major impact, this really matters even more than you may realise. To bring a big difference, a really significant impact in the world, you need the strongest possible foundation. 

Your values need to be at the core of the action you take. If you don’t really and truly believe in the causes you support, you will quickly lose any interest, and your commitment will soon fade. Take time to consider, carry out lots of research, and reconnect with your belief system to pick a cause that matters most to you. 

Choose to be an Ally

Being an ally is a powerful place to start doing good. Lending your voice to speak out and shout loudly for those that cannot make themselves heard will forever be worthwhile. But where to start? Underrepresentation is rife. In every society, problems with gender equality and, sometimes, basic human rights, exist in plain sight of all. However, only some will care enough to notice. Even less will be in a position where they can or want to do anything at all to address it.

Before you launch yourself headlong into campaigning, pause and reflect. Researching the very many campaigns out there tackling the precise issue is a perfect starting point. But be sure that it is up-to-date and accurate. Don’t waste your precious and limited time on shady campaigns and misinformation. Instead, use your focus, drive to the heart of the issue, and start conversations that spark attitude shifts. Seek the truth and be an ally that brings about change.

Make Your Money Count

Just how you use your voice matters. But, your money does too. Every dollar, every purchase is a vote. Buying from a business shows your support, every single thing you order helps that organisation to exist, to stay in business, and keep doing whatever it is they do. So, if you don’t agree with how they operate, save your cash for somewhere else.

The state of the environment right now is a concern no one should ignore. But are your shopping habits helping? Or do they represent the issue? Think about who you are buying from, who works for them, how are those workers treated? Where are their materials sourced and how. These questions matter, and the answers will help you avoid pitfalls. Be aware of common corporate ploys such as green washing.

Feeling powerful in an intimidating and often scary world is not easy. But, every purchase decision redresses the power balance just a fraction. 

Stay Balanced

If you’ve ever been really hung up on anything in the past, you will know that keeping perspective and balance can be tricky. Remaining passionate about your causes while keeping your ears and eyes open is always vital. Being swept up in a cause, a crusade, or even a mindset is eventually damaging.

Your beliefs and your opportunities to live by them are valuable. But perspective is a must. Things change, situations evolve, often very quickly. Keeping yourself updated on everything, even slightly related to your cause, is always going to be essential. You need to be sure you are standing for things you can be forever proud to believe in. For this, you need all the facts. 

Final Thoughts on Doing Good

When your beliefs align in a perfect way with your actions, you will sense a shift. Throwing your weight behind the causes most meaningful to you is powerful. Doing good in a world that seems sometimes dominated by all that’s bad is often liberating. 

Giving yourself space and time to shine is not just good for yourself, your wellbeing, and your sense of accomplishment. Your changes, however small, are all a step in a positive direction. Lots of people doing small things they believe in is so powerful. So never doubt the difference your actions can help to make.


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