Top Tips for Throwing a Memorable Party This Summer

words Alexa Wang

If you’re looking forward to the warmth and sunshine of summer after spending lots of time inside over recent months, you don’t have to wait long. Summer is almost here, and with it, the chance to host elegant and fashionable parties at home or at summer vacation properties or other spots you might have access to.

You want to ensure your event goes as smoothly as possible and is remembered for all the right reasons, so here are some tips you can follow to make that likelihood much higher.

Memorable Party

Spend Enough Time Planning

While sometimes excellent parties happen when pulled together spontaneously, most of the time, you need to put in plenty of planning and organization to create a memorable occasion. If you want to throw a party this summer that gets talked about for years to come, give yourself enough time to consider and prepare for every element of it.

You need to give your guests plenty of notice, too, so they can arrange their schedules to be available. You want to send invites out as soon as you can to make it more likely that as many of your invitees as possible will be able to attend. Plus, if you want to book caterers or use the services of other vendors, the more time you allow to find and get quotes from various companies, the more chance you have of booking the best providers.

Work Out Your Theme

Next, pick a theme to center your party around. Having a theme helps you make clearer decisions on which decorations, food, outfits, invites, and other elements to choose and ensures a more consistent event that makes sense to guests from start to finish. There are endless themes to consider.

If you choose a Mexican fiesta theme for your party, you can narrow down your food options to traditional Mexican dishes like tacos, guacamole, and churros. You could also consider serving margaritas or other Mexican-inspired drinks. For decorations, you might use bright colors like red, green, and yellow, and include traditional Mexican elements like piñataso, or can set up a large inflatable cactus or chili pepper in your party space as a fun and playful decoration. Custom-built inflatables can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can design one that fits your specific party space and needs.

For example, you might pick one or two colors to work around, opt for a rose or sunflower or other flower theme, or go for a Bridgerton-inspired Regency England motif. You might like to transport attendees to Hawaii with a Laua party or say “bonjour” to a French garden party theme. Or, you could base your party on your favorite book or movie or even a particular celebrity.

Decide on a Menu

The food and drinks you serve at your event can make or break the impression guests have of the party and how they remember it long term. Don’t whip this up in a hurry; instead, create a menu  relevant to the theme you picked and that you know suits various tastes. Ask guests about any allergies, intolerances, or food preferences they have that you need to know when designing your menu. Some people may be allergic to shellfish, peanuts, lactose, or gluten, while some may be vegetarian, vegan, paleo, keto, or focus on another dietary style.

If you’re sending out official printed invitations for people to RSVP to, you can add a section about dietary needs on the return card. If you’re emailing guests, you can still mention the food element in your message and ask people to let you know ASAP if they have any special needs you need to know about. People always appreciate being listened to and catered for, so ensuring everyone has some food they can enjoy will help cement you in their minds as an excellent host of a wonderful party.

Memorable Party

Consider Entertainment

A not-to-be-forgotten occasion is also typically one that intrigues and surprises attendees somehow. One way to do this is via the entertainment you set up for your event. If you want to go all out, you could buy fireworks online to impress, or you might hire a singer in Thailand if you are planning the party in Bangkok. There are also celebrated comedians or magicians to put on a fabulous show.

If your theme for the party is a casino one, you could hire proper gaming tables and card dealers, while if you’re creating an event themed around Arthurian legend, you could hire some reenactors to put on a jousting display. For something more budget-friendly, simply research some fun party games or set up a bar and let guests design their own special cocktails. The list of ways to entertain partygoers is extensive and comes down to your cash flow allowance and creativity.

If you want to throw a remarkable party this summer, also ensure you have a wet-weather backup plan if you’re going to host the event outdoors and spend time getting your yard and home in order. Consider practicalities such as parking, access to enough toilets, outdoor lighting, and sunscreen and bug spray, too.

Plus, sort out appropriate music and let your neighbors know there’ll be more noise than usual coming from your property on the day. It also pays to organize some clean-up assistance for the end of the night so you don’t have to face clearing all the mess by yourself.

Once you commit to pulling off a world-class event, you’ll be focused on thinking through every little detail. In turn, your guests will have a brilliant time, and you’re more likely to hear them rave about the occasion for years to come.


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