3 Gorgeous Beaches with the Clearest Water in the World

words Al Woods

If you take a look at the best screensavers in the world, wallpaper, or even ask people their ideal destination, you are likely to find that beaches and aquatic life feature highly on the list. There is something serene and beautiful about staring out across the water and enjoying the sun reflecting on the waves.

Of course, appreciating beaches means you need to appreciate the effort that goes into keeping them looking this good and being safe places to visit, which means supporting community fundraising.

The good news, if you like stunning beaches, is that three of the most gorgeous beaches with crystal clear water, are in Australia. It’s time you paid them a visit.

Gorgeous cleanest Beaches

Whitehaven Beach in Queensland

Take a trip to Whitsunday islands which sit alongside the Great barrier Reef and you’ll find Whitehaven Beach. It’s roughly seven kilometres long and is full of soft white sand with stunning clear turquoise waters lapping against it.

You’ll find an abundance of marine life in a myriad of different colours, all of which help you to be at one with nature.

The beach is actually inside a national park, meaning it is protected and extremely well looked after. 

Whether you want to hike above the beach to admire the view or simply spend time on the beach, this is one destination you have to visit at least once in a lifetime.

Wineglass Bay in Tasmania

Wineglass Bay is situated in Freycinet National Park. The shoreline is curved, resembling the shape of a wineglass. Along the edge of the beach are natural bush and the beach itself has stunning white sand accompanied by deep blue waters.

There is a lookout above the beach that allows you to soak it all in and admire one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Again, the clear water has an abundance of colourful fish which are worth checking out. Don’t forget your snorkel.

Gorgeous Beaches Clearest Water

Noosa Main Beach in Queensland

Queensland features twice on this shortlist and for good reason. The water here is crystal clear and inviting, contrasting perfectly with the beige sand. But, as great as the sea is, you need to take a moment to look at the shoreline next to the beach. It is bordered by n array of greenery, including palms and casuarina palms.

The beach is located between Noosa National Park and the array of shops and cafes in Hastings Street, making it a perfect location for anyone to visit.

Additional Thoughts

The Australian coastline is approximately 34,000 kms long. It is home to the great barrier reef, amazing surfing, and warm seas that appeal to everyone. It’s hardly surprising that some of the best beaches and clearest water in the world are situated here.

Of course, while the best known ones are those that people head for first, you should remember there are plenty of unspoiled gems which you can find if you’re prepared to travel a little.


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