What Essentials Should You Take in Your Backpack Before a Hike

words Al Woods

Hiking has many benefits, and people have been doing it forever. Most people enjoy nature and the beauty of it. You get away from the everyday urban noises and enjoy the smells nature can give you. Of course, you need to bring something with you on your hiking trips, which will be your safety mechanism during this wonderful experience. 

Essentials Backpack Hiking


You cannot go on any hiking trip without proper hydration. How much you will bring with you depends on the amount of time you will spend outdoors. Some people think that they can bring a small amount, something like two liters and that it would be sufficient, but that does not have to be the case. You should always pack more because you do not know what can happen.


When you are in the wilderness, it is of paramount importance that you bring enough food with you for the duration of the whole trip. Depending on how much you are willing to hike, you will need a proper backpack. By choosing a light one from an American backpack manufacturer, which is made to carry items effectively and with little effort, you could pack a lot while still not burdening yourself too much. Do not bring junk food, but rather something that will hydrate you and give you the necessary protein.

Medical supplies

Accidents can happen at any time, especially if you are in nature, but if you are not properly prepared, a small scratch can be fatal, so carrying a first aid kit or something even bigger can be of huge importance. Just imagine that you are all alone with someone in the wild, and you fall and cut yourself. There is no reception, no help is coming, and you can barely move. In this situation, properly tending to your wound can mean that you are avoiding a possible infection, which can lead to serious problems later on.

A lighter

What many people, when they go hiking, seem to disregard is that they will go through nature for a few hours, and then they will turn back home. This does happen most of the time, but on rare occasions, people get lost, the night sets in, and they are stuck with nowhere to go. In these situations, having a fire will be of great importance. It will keep the wildlife away while giving you some warmth during the cold night. Lighters can fit inside your pocket, so it is not too much to ask to bring them along.

Essentials Backpack Hike

Extra clothes

Sometimes a sunny and warm day can turn into rain in a matter of minutes, and when you are in the wilderness, you cannot find shelter easily, which means that you will get wet. Wearing wet clothes can be really dangerous, depending on the climate you are hiking in. It can, in some cases, even lead to hyperthermia so having extra clothes can help you a lot.

Hiking is great for both the mind and your health but you should not go on a hiking trip without some essential things. Even though you may not use them 99% of the time, that 1% makes it worth it.


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