7 fall fashion trends you should follow

7 fall fashion trends you should follow – words Al Woods

Fall Fashion Trends

The world of fashion likes to keep itself fresh every season, and that is why with each passing one comes a new set of trends and looks to look out for.

Autumn is upon us all, and with the falling leaves and pumpkin spice lattes come the cooler weather and, of course, an updated wardrobe to accommodate climate-appropriate clothing for the season.

If you haven’t started cleaning out your closet, then it is recommended to do so as soon as you can. You can choose to donate or give away your summer-spring clothing, or you can sell your clothes online. If not, you can always put it in storage to use for next year. Not a lot of people enjoy trends because they tend to last for only three months, and that’s understandable.

However, you’ll find that the choices listed here don’t mean you have to go all-out and buy new clothes to be in. Take a look below.


80s Still Making a Comeback

As far as trends go,’80s-inspired outfits are not new, and they come and go from time to time, and it happens to be this fall. It’s not even sure if it will stay for winter, but one thing’s for sure though: you don’t have to buy new things to be in style. Chances are, your mom may have some leftover clothing in storage somewhere, and it may be a great idea to ask for them.

The ’80s trend consists of coats with shoulder pads, animal prints, and really short dresses. If you find that some things don’t fit you right, you can alter them to your taste. This way, you can save money and repurpose vintage clothes.

Neon Bright

Leaves are dying, and animals are prepping to hibernate, and some people find it melancholic, but your fashion doesn’t have to be. If you dare to stand out in the crowds, wear something neon. Multiple runways were seen exhibiting garments in electrifying shades of colors.

Trendy Velvet

Velvet is making a comeback this fall, and it is being redesigned to look trendier to appeal to the fashion-forward crowd. Gone are the days of it being associated with being “cheap,” even though velvet was once used by royalty and the landed gentry in the olden days. It takes some adjustment here and there to achieve the sophisticated velvet look, and it’s not hard to do so.

If you want to try it out and you’re in doubt as to which colors to go for, always lean toward deeper shades. Black and dark blue velvet are good bets, and if you want to spice it up, you can always go for lighter ones like pinks and emeralds or even go bolder like deep reds.

Velvet nowadays is no longer just for evening wear. It is used in the daytime too, and an example of this is the emerging velvet blazer fashion.

Floral Prints

Bring life to any room you walk into with printed florals! They are no longer exclusively associated to spring as runways come out with them for the fall trend.

This is good news as you don’t have to get rid of anything floral in your wardrobe so you can incorporate it in your fall ensemble. If you’re worried about it being too sheer or being unable to protect you from the cold, you can always layer it with coats and jackets.

All about Denim

People used to find denim on denim cringey as it was being sported back during the early 2000s by then-famous celebrities who were rocking it on the red carpet. The trend is making a comeback and seems like a wise choice considering that the autumn weather can get cold really fast especially in the evening. If you love denim, then you’ll totally love this trend because you can rock it from head to toe and still be dressed sensibly. 

Big Knits

Everyone knows that autumn will always be sweater weather, and every person always has that cozy knit for lounging at home or for fashion. This season, knitwear has been upgraded literally. These warm and cozy wearables are being upsized such that oversized cardigans and sweaters can be worn in different cuts, styles, and fringes.

Patterns and Prints

Florals are not the only ones making waves in the trend. Patterns like geometric, plaids, and tartans are here to stay. The runways are going for brighter colors and mixing them with various materials like lycra, fur, and even wool.

Fashion Is What You Make It 

While this statement is heavily borrowed from a popular adage, it rings true even for fashion. You have the freedom to make your choices regarding the clothes you wear, and you loving every second of it is no problem.

However, if it comes at a big price such that you have to sacrifice basic human necessities to keep up with the Joneses, it may be a good idea to step back a bit and evaluate your spending. Unless you work for the fashion industry, of course.

What fall fashion trends do you know, and what are your favorites? Share them in the comments below.

7 fall fashion trends you should follow – words Al Woods


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