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Most famous directors working with Netflix – Flux Magazine

Most famous directors working with Netflix

word Alexa Wang

There is no doubt that the movie industry has been dramatically impacted by the presence of the now giant Netflix. The company has already won its first Oscar for the documentary “Icarus.” Coming into the 2018-2019 season, the company has garnered experienced directors, most who have won Oscars before. Here are some of the names to reckon with in the film industry working with Netflix.

1.     Damien Chazelle

Damien is known for his Oscar win in 2017 when he bagged the best director for his film “La La Land.” The 34-year-old is a French-American director and alumni of Harvard University. He is set to direct his first TV series for Netflix, dabbed “The Eddy’. Other notable films he has been a part of include Babylon, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Whiplash, Grand Piano, and The Last Exorcism Part II among others.

2.     Guillermo del Toro

The filmmaker, author, actor, and director hails from Mexico and is best known for his Academy Award Winning fantasy films “Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)” and “The Shape of Water (2017)” which won him the tittle best director and best picture. He is considered a master in the horror genre and was set to play a janitor in a French Cameo before he joined Netflix. He will be directing a musical version of “Pinocchio.”

3.     Morgan Neville

Known for his films 20 Feet from Stardom, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, and Best of Enemies: Buckley vs. Vidal, Neville has won an Oscar as best director and a Grammy Award for best music film. He will be bringing his expertise to Netflix as a director for the documentary “They Will Love Me for Me.” He has 31 other wins and a total of 35 nominations. Some of his TV series include Peanuts in Space: Secrets of Apollo 10, Ugly Delicious, and Abstract: The Art of Design.

4.     Ava DuVurnary

Ok, she is not working with Netflix per se, but with the shortage of female directors in Hollywood it’s only fair to mention those whose work is featuring in the new Netflix category “Movies Directed by Women.”  She is featured for her film 13th, a thought-provoking documentary that captures the criminalization of African Americans in the U.S. Prisons. Ava has also directed “A Wrinkle in Time” and Selma” and is considered one of the notable women changing the film industry.

5.     Anna Fletcher

Like her counterpart Ava, Anna has also been featured in the “Movies Directed by Women” section on Netflix for her film “Dumplin.” Featuring a teen who joins the pageant run by her ex-beauty queen mom, the plus-size teen starts a protest that escalates when other contestants follow her footsteps. Behind the glitters and hair sprays in pageants, the film smashed the problematic beauty standards unfairly set for girls. Stars Danielle McDonald, Jennifer Aniston, and Odeya Rush.

Netflix is a force to reckon with, and with these directors joining the company, things can only get better. Be sure to catch the next film from one of these directors next time you watch Netflix.


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