5 fashion tips to complement any body type

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Want to feel on top of the world, no matter your body shape or size? Many of us opt for jeans and a T-shirt simply because we’re used to wearing them and think they feel comfortable.

However, experts at GoodTherapy.org and VICE.com health journalist Phillip Eil found several links between depression and apparel choices that don’t match the wearer’s body type. A workaround for the “one-size-doesn’t-fit-all” dilemma is to draw away attention from problem points with aesthetic fashion choices.

Knowing this, here are five fashion tips to complement any and all body types.

1. Always Accentuate the Waistline

Whether you’re big, tall or petite, one of the most common problem areas involving women’s wardrobes is the waistline area. T-shirts are often too baggy or tight above the hips, which cover or accentuate our perceived flaws.

But fashionista Stacy London from the TV show, “What Not To Wear,” says women should choose tops that pull in the waist above the hips to naturally complement any body shape. Tops with a wrap around the middle, design patterns that move in toward the waist, or shirts with fringe can help you create an hourglass effect in any outfit.

2. Appear Longer and Leaner

One of the essential aspects to dress a petite body type is to aim for balance so you can diversify what you wear. As Cosmopolitan styling expert Jess Edwards points out, proportioning your tops and bottoms equally is essential to avoid appearing much younger than you are. A rule of thumb is that if your top is loose, the bottom should be tight, or vice versa. Aim for open-top blouses with flared skirts or pants, and don’t forget to wear your favorite heels.

3. Dress for Height

When it comes to fashion, anyone over the height of 5’7″ will fit better in clothing in the tall range, since the average height of women in the U.S. is 5’4″. Many tall women try to appear shorter by hunching over, but you should always embrace your figure no matter your body type. Case in point: Wear blouses with horizontal patterns, waist ties or layered v-necks to create curves. Additionally, show off your long legs with flattering heels and high-waisted bottoms.

4. Embrace Your Body Shape

Indeed, tops and bottoms are often two completely different sizes when they fit correctly on either an apple- or pear-shape body. Stylist Iva Grbesic says both body types should accentuate their best features and add balance. If you have more of an apple shape body, strive to wear v-neck tops without print and flared bottoms to accentuate your legs. Meantime, people with pear-shaped bodies should accentuate their naturally small waist with form-fitting tops that aren’t too tight with wide-legged pants to add balance at the hips.

5. Find the Perfect Dress

There’s nothing quite as exhausting as planning a formal occasion, but finding the perfect dress to feel confident and beautiful takes the cake. Hillary Hoffower from Brides.com says brides should choose a dress that not only highlights the very best of who they are but also flatters their form with elegant design patterns. Similar rules apply to the body types mentioned above; however, the mood you want to set off or feel is one of the most critical aspects. Knowing this, don’t forget to choose the best undergarments before any alterations, so your dress fits perfectly.

Build the Wardrobe of Your Dreams

Do your outfits match your body shape and make you feel unstoppable? No matter your body shape or size, each of these tips can help you select the right apparel the next time you’re out shopping. Above all else, we all want to feel amazing in a dress, and even the smallest details can make an incredible difference.


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