Fertility myths: what should you believe and what should you not?

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Fertility myths: what should you believe and what should you not?

India is the land of mythical beliefs of various things. Though few beliefs have been backed up by science in finding the reason for it to be believed, most of them are baseless and the myth surrounding fertility health is also one of them.

If you just rewind time and go two decades back, it was a time when people were without a child for years and would conceive after 10 or 15 years. They always believed that it was God’s grace or blessing. Keeping the religious faith aside, let us see how science is validating this wait of 10 or 15 years and what could have caused conception. According to some of the best fertility centers in Chennai, our body always has this natural healing tendency and everything in our body is a cyclic process. Things which fall under exception are age-related and disability-related issues. All other things are subjected to change.


So, here the person was initially infertile. Due to the natural reversing processes, he was able to reproduce naturally. The same applies to the woman as well. This natural reversing process may or may not happen to an individual and it is highly subjective and time-consuming. It was a time when people blamed the women for everything related to conception and the man was enjoying the privilege. After the advent of fertility test and procedure, it was discovered that men attribute to 80% of infertility cases. This is due to a lot of factors which they are exposed to.

Another myth is regarding the infertility treatment itself. People started observing how IVF treatments are able to provide the expected result and started thinking how it is possible without even adding a little of science to it. The end result was another disastrous myth. Child, whether boy or girl born through IVF treatments are said to be slower and weaker than normal children was the biggest myth. The entire medical world was perplexed with this and was not able to understand the base of such allegation. But in reality, you cannot find any difference between a normal child and child born through IVF. In fact, the number of children born with a disability is practically none in an IVF treatment as the embryos are carefully selected for the insemination. If you visit any of the top IVF centers in Mumbai open today they would vouch for this.

There is nothing bad about being infertile as it the body’s response system which led to this and it is not a disease. Science and technology have enabled us to achieve pregnancy through artificial insemination process which is highly advanced and gives only the best. IVF children are equally successful like any other and will lead a normal life. IVF born children will 100% inherit their parents DNA and would not possess the infertility quality as it is not a DNA function.

With fertility becoming more and more popular in the last few years, some myths have been created as you would expect. Fertility Plus are one of the biggest fertility clinics that would be happy to help.




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