Fire In her Eyes release the joyously psychedelic prog Juggling Clown

words Alexa Wang

Fire In her Eyes clown

Well what Can you say about this one? I was hoping for more than a typically indie girl band sound but got a lot more than I bargained for. There are touches of sunny sixties and seventies rocky California and a darker psychedelic mood smiling at you from behind the swirling melodies. It’s so great for these ears to hear such a joyous blend delivered by some serious lovers of music. There is even a little touch of prog in there and dare I say it a love of Jethro Tull even shining through. Looking forward to catching this band live. There’s a live version here to get a taste:

Formed in 2016, Fire In Her Eyes have known both sunkissed triumph and desperate hardship on the road to their forthcoming debut album We Are Fire. Session players come and go, but the core of the lineup is bonded by blood, with 24-year-old Daniella Livingstone (Topaz), (piano/guitar/flute/sitar/vocals) and 21-year-old sister Natasha Livingstone (bass/ keys/percussion/vocals) bonding a rare synergy from the age of two.

“There’s so many influences,” says Topaz. “In terms of the Sixties and Seventies vibe, I’d say The Beatles, David Bowie, Crosby Stills & Nash, Jefferson Airplane, Joni Mitchell, Heatwave and the harmonies of the Bee Gees. Then there’s progressive rock like Pink Floyd, Camel, King Crimson, Sweet Smoke, Focus and Jethro Tull – Ian Anderson was the biggest influence on my flute playing. For our psychedelic folk-rock vibe, it’s bands like Renaissance or Strawbs. And then, I also love Hendrix, Zeppelin, Cream, The Doors, Kate Bush, Hungarian jazz guitarist called Gábor Szabó as well as having a strong love for Indian music.”

Natasha states that songwriters such as Rod Temperton, John Lennon and Paul McCartney had a huge influence on their approach. At school the girls were all heavily into creative writing, therefore this had a huge effect on their style.

The single will be launched in Central London on Midsummers Day evening – June 21st – so if you aren’t dancing with the Druids at Stonhenge that day come and join in the fun. Tickets here



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