Five reasons why you should visit The Photography Show 2018

words Chris Zacharia

From selfies to satellite imagery, photography has never been so important to everyday life.

As Britain’s biggest industry showcase of the art form, The Photography Show (17-20 March) is the only show which captures its incredible range. Bringing together the finest talent, the latest concepts and, of course, the best kit, The Photography Show is the most immersive celebration of cameras in the country.


Not only do you get to learn from some of photography’s latest innovators, you’ll also get the chance to bond with fellow fans and participate in interactive workshops. So whether you’re a camera connoisseur or a total beginner, there’ll be something for you to enjoy.

We spoke to speakers at the show both past and present to reveal the top five things to do at this year’s edition of The Photography Show.

One: Improve your photography education

‘The best thing you do at the show is improve your photography education’ says Tommy Reynolds, a professional photographer who’s worked with artists like UB40 and Pixie Lott. ‘Make sure you take a good look at who’s talking and plan your days around seeing some of the best photographers giving advice.’

With each stage focusing on a different aspect of photography, The Photography Show allows you to curate your own experience. Want to hear industry legends speak? Head to the Super Stage. Fascinated by nature photography? Try The Great Outdoors. There’s truly something for every kind of photographer. Regardless of which area of photography you love, you’ll find it at The Photography Show.

Two: Learn new editing techniques

‘For me, The Photography Show is always mad with so much I want to see and do, with so many lectures worth catching’ says Tom Mason, wildlife photographer and journalist. ‘But it’s also worth getting into the Adobe Theatre to brush up on some new editing techniques’

Retouching a photo can make all the difference. At the Adobe Theatre, the experts of the edit suite will share their techniques for getting the most out of every shot.

Experts from Adobe will guide you through programmes like Photoshop and Lightroom, even demonstrating how you can edit like a pro on your smartphone.

Three: Get social

‘Social media has inspired me, helped me to meet other people, it’s brought me jobs and recognition’ says Laura Zalenga, a conceptual photographer known for her unique self-portraiture. ‘But it’s also a total exploding crazy overload – people look at photos for a fraction of a section’ she says.

So how has Laura amassed over 100,000 followers on Instagram? At The Photography Show there’s an entire stage dedicated to understanding social. You’ll learn how to cultivate a following online, with speakers who’ve built their a reputation through platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

From shooting pro video on your smartphone, to making money from Instagram, the Mobile & Social Stage gives you the tools to start benefitting form the social media revolution.

Four: Play with the new kit

‘All photographers love new kit. It’s in our genetic code’ admits Rick Bronks, a former documentary maker and founder of Stureyes. ‘The first thing most people do is make a bee-line for the new stuff – to touch the latest and greatest, then there’s the internal debate of ‘do I REALLY need this’ and ‘oh it’s a show special and I think I do’. What happens then is we spend the whole day toying with the idea of purchasing the new stuff’

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of discovering new photography gear knows that Rick’s words ring true. As well as exhibitors showcasing their latest equipment, The Photography Show boasts a Live Stage allowing you to participate in masterclasses, walkthroughs and interactive workshops. Bring your own camera and get involved – or just indulge in the latest and greatest cameras…

Five: Step out of your comfort zone

‘Valuable connections are there to be made’ says Tina Eizen, a fashion and beauty photographer. ‘It’s one of the most rewarding experiences of my year’.

‘Photography is a collaboration’ agrees Tommy Reynolds. ‘It exists to be shared -so go share something new’.

Like all art forms, photography is about blending and mixing. Exciting, unexpected shots come to life when two previously separate worlds collide. The Photography Show offers a great opportunity to mix it up with styles, genres and photographers who you might not have encountered.

‘Photography is changing, and it’s changing fast’ Rick Bronks concurs. ‘The Photography Show is a great chance to get yourself ahead of the curve’. So take a moment to check out the Drone Zone, or learn more about innovative approaches to photography at the Behind the Lens stage. You’ll come away inspired – and you might just end up inspiring someone else on the way.

Book your tickets to The Photography Show, 17-20 March, here. Save 40% on entry tickets using promo code FLUXTPS18 (pay £10.95 now, £18 on the door). Applies to adult entry tickets only and code expires on 14 March 2018. 

Laura Zalenga spoke to Chris Zacharia. She will be talking on 18 March and 19 March – book your place at her talk here



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