How would a Food Instagrammer cope in the 17th Century?

How would a Food Instagrammer cope in the 17th Century? – words Alan Woods

We’ve probably all witnessed scenes like this recently. I began to notice it when staying at hotels over the last year or two. You’re there, trying to enjoy your evening meal, or even sometimes at breakfast, and you start to notice some strange behaviour in some of your fellow diners.

They begin to arrange the food on thier table. They even start to arrange their partner’s food and their children’s food. It’s a food instagrammer on the loose.

Noone can eat until this person has the table and food looking just right. Then they get their smartphones or camera out and begin to take a whole series of images from all imaginable angles, close in and panoramic views of the plates and food on their table.

As journalists we sometimes take a quick snap of our food if we know we’re going to review the meal but nothing on this scale. These people have obviously become obsessed with posting every meal they have on social media. They need to get as many ‘likes’ as possible even if it means their food will be cold as a result.

Well IKEA have produced a new video that takes a poke at this slightly absurd new hobby. What would it have been like back in the 17th century if an obsessive foodie wouldn’t allow his or her fellow diners to eat until they recorded the position of every cut of meat and pea? We see some bewigged and grandly robed diners about to tuck in when one diner suddenly calls a halt. He wants to record the lavish meal for posterity. What happens next is quite tongue in cheek and is a swipe at overzealous food instagrammers everywhere. Personally I’m much too greedy to sit for long before eating and agree with the premise of the film. It’s a meal. Not a competition.

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How would a Food Instagrammer cope in the 17th Century? – words Alan Woods

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