The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Gift For New Parents

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Gift New Parents

The first year of an infant’s life is probably the hardest, especially for first-time parents. This is why it helps to have a strong network of friends and family members that can offer support.

Welcoming a new baby is definitely exciting, but after the celebrations are over and parents are left with an infant to take care of, it can be pretty overwhelming for them. If a friend or a close family member has recently become a new parent, getting them a gift is considered a fantastic gesture. What to buy, though? Well, this depends on how much you know the parents, but here’s a general buying guide you can follow to pick the perfect present.


The first few weeks can be extremely challenging for parents who might take turns to feed the baby, change his or her diapers, and check for any sign of illness. For this reason, new parents do not usually have any time for themselves where they can just relax and watch their favorite T.V. show. So, why not offer them this extremely needed reprieve by buying them a pair of headphones? When looking for headphones, there are some factors you should keep in mind. Generally speaking, look for ones that have a comfortable fit and are not too tight around the head. If you have a big budget, you should invest in headphones that have a noise cancellation feature as well.

A Car Seat

Car rides can turn into a nightmare for parents if they do not have the necessary tools to ensure their baby’s safety. Since infants are usually fussy and kick and move a lot, they cannot be simply left in the backseat, as this might lead to severe injuries in case of accidents. This is why you should consider getting your friends a car seat for their bundle of joy. The baby equipment experts from Baby&Co explain that most new parents choose convertible seats when they go to their store, as they are more versatile than the standard ones made especially for infants. The great thing about convertible seats is that they can be used for babies and toddlers alike, so the parents will not have to waste money on a new car seat after a few months.

A Bottle Sterilizer

Cleaning bottles after every feeding is exhausting and time-consuming, not to mention that ensuring that they are fully sterilized is not exactly easy as well. Luckily, many solutions automate this tedious process. So, it is better to leave all the heavy lifting to an electric sterilizer. With a bottle sterilizer and dryer, new parents can clean as many as eight bottles at once. In just 10 mins, they can have clean bottles for their precious infant. Moreover, these machines can also be used for storage. Talk about multi-purpose gifts!

A Polaroid Camera

Gift New Parents

Capturing babies’ first words, steps, and other milestones are extremely rewarding. Thus, a polaroid camera can be the perfect gift for parents who want to commemorate their child’s special moments. There are many excellent polaroid cameras available on the market, but the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11, in particular, is receiving stellar reviews from both seasoned photographers and average users. It has great exposure and is not overly expensive considering that its film packs are reasonably priced. Whether you go for this model or another one, this gift idea is sure to impress.

A Diaper Clutch

A night out with a baby can turn disastrous if parents do not have all the tools they need. Extra diapers, in particular, are extremely important since you never know when the baby will need a change. Traditional diaper bags, however, are just a way of keeping nappies at hand, so it is still up to the parents to find a changing station. On the other hand, diaper clutches offer an innovative solution for this problem by allowing parents to have a portable changing station that looks both elegant and inconspicuous. Thus, if you want to save your friends some trouble, buy them a diaper clutch.

A Nice Dinner

Nothing is better than treating new parents to a fancy dinner where they can just relax and enjoy a romantic date. If you want to help your friends get some time for themselves, how about you get them dine-out coupons? In case they are not keen on leaving their baby, you can buy them delivery coupons instead. Just make sure to ask them about their favorite restaurants before making any purchase.

Taking care of a baby is both exciting and exhausting. But, with some simple gifts, new parents can have an easier time doing so. The above suggestions can work great whether you are close to the parents or not. However, if you are really good friends, you can get more personalized presents that cater to their tastes. Also, consider offering to babysit if you are feeling up to it. This is undoubtedly the best gift you can give them!


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