Ultimate 10-Day Guide for Your Croatia Trip

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your Croatia trip

Traveling in Croatia for a number of days should be carefully planned with an itinerary that is well designed and carefully managed. If this is your first time to travel to that beautiful destination, you cannot know what to do and where to go if you don’t do your research and make a list of activities and places you must try. Since this is a vacation you need to prepare for, you can use the ultimate 10-day guide to your trip to Croatia.

Places to Visit

You cannot miss out on the best places to visit in Croatia especially one of its most famous cities, Dubrovnik. It has become a popular destination because of its exposure to mainstream media. It is also home to museums for the history savvy and a place of amazing structures for architecture fans.  You can be in awe while going around the place with different activities you can do in every corner and there’s some great private villas you can stay in. You can also take a cable car that will take you on a hill that overlooks the city so you can view the entirety of the Old Town walls. On your third day, you can go on a boat trip to the nearby islands of the city. Not to mention the harbor where you can witness the beautiful sunset at the end of the day. From here, you can go to another awesome city called Split where you can see an iconic structure called Diocletian’s Palace which has a cathedral and a famous bell. The place comes alive at night due to live musicians and entertainment. Organized tours will afford you additional places to explore nearby.Where to Eat

Croatian cuisine is very similar to Italian and other Mediterranean dishes. Since this country is largely coastal, you can enjoy various kinds of seafood in most of the country’s restaurants. Your Croatia holidays can become more memorable if you enjoy different foods from its restaurants. If you want to know the best place to eat, go to the restaurant where locals go and enjoy meat and fish grills at rooftops with overlooking views as you eat. While they have their own distinct meals, you can also feel at home because a lot of restaurants also offer classic meals including pizza, wraps, and burgers.

Croatia trip

Adventure and Nature

The country hosts places where you can go on nature adventures which include kayaking, fishing, and other water sports. With its wonderful beaches and natural lakes, you can always find an adventure for you and your friends. Krka National Park is one of this country’s main attractions where you can enjoy and swim in the waterfalls and explore the park on your own.

The wonders of Croatia are too beautiful to miss out so you should carefully plan for that much-anticipated trip. When you reach the place, be prepared to discover these places and know more about this beautiful country. They can offer any activity, food, and place that will make this adventure a memorable one. 


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