Hilarious Gift Ideas For A Hen Night

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A hen night is one of the best times to have a laugh and completely enjoy yourselves. Whatever you decide to do on a hen night, it is always a nice sentiment to give a gift to the bride.

Most people save their nice wedding present for the actual wedding, so why not give a funny and silly present at the hen party? This will be sure to brighten the spirits of the bride, as well as acting as a reminder of why you are one of the chosen friends attending the hen night.

Gift Ideas

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A Pair Of Funny Socks

A pair of funny socks is an inexpensive yet great pre-wedding gift. The day of the wedding is serious and sentimental, so why not use the hen night as a perfect excuse to be completely sarcastic and humorous? Funatic has a great range of fun socks both for the bride and groom, so this is a perfect option if you want to give a little something before the wedding. Even after the wedding has happened, the bride can still carry on wearing these, and they will act as a funny reminder of an important time in her life.

A Collection Of Amusing Photographs

A collection of funny photographs of the bride-to-be is a really fun present to give because it will provide a source of laughter but will also show how well you know each other and be a reminder of all the funny times you have had. These could include both some sentimental pictures that can be handed around the group for everyone to look at, as well as some funnier ones which can be put in a different section of the photo book. Photos are always a gift that is well appreciated – even though they are so simple, they often say a thousand words and unlock personal and happy memories.

A great idea when giving out photos is to caption them all – this could add another layer of humor if you decide to go with funny captions.

A Fancy Dress Costume

Another great way to prove how much you know the bride, as well as giving a funny gift, is to get a fancy dress costume of her favorite character, whether this is from a movie or a book. Depending on what you are doing for the hen party, this costume could even be incorporated into the celebrations for some extra laughs. Again, this is an item that can be kept for life and what better reminder of your hen night is there than having a full body Shrek outfit? Even if this is not worn on the hen night itself, it will be funny for everyone there when it is handed over.

Hen nights should be stress-free and silly, so your presents should reflect that. This is the last night of the bride’s wedding before a big, lifelong commitment so as the friends of the bride, you should do all you can to make it a memorable and hilarious one!


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