A guide to the hippest desserts in the UK right now

A guide to the hippest desserts in the UK right now -words Alexa Wang

Stop right now and ask yourself a question: What does your dessert choice say about you? You see, everything in this world is subject to the whims of fashion and desserts are no exception.

The trouble is in knowing the difference between the ice cool and the raspberry fool. How do you avoid the embarrassment of ordering a passé pud? What’s the best choice to keep that special someone sweet? Well don’t worry- here’s a guide to the hippest desserts in the UK as I write.


Belgian Waffles

Belgian waffles are everywhere these days and are most commonly found in those glitzy dessert bars that are springing up all over the place. They’re amazing served warm with a simple scoop of vanilla ice cream, but they also form the base of some unbelievable culinary creations. Topped with whipped cream, rich melted chocolate, chewy marshmallows, banana and nuts the humble waffle is transformed into a dessert that is out of this world.


Whether the thick and fluffy American kind or the traditional French style, pancakes are a very hip dessert at the moment. The key to their popularity is that you can munch on them as you walk through a food market or devour them as you perch on a bench, which means they fit perfectly into the street food trend. When it comes to toppings, Nutella or maple syrup work wonders. The other great thing about pancakes is that they’re ridiculously easy to make but look very impressive. Check out this easy pancake recipe from Deliveroo which works as a sweet dessert or savoury brunch option.


UK weather makes café culture a little difficult at times, but when the skies are clear there’s nothing quite like Italian gelato for a really continental dessert or sweet treat. There are loads of sophisticated ice-cream parlours popping up now and they serve everything from classic gelato recipes such as pistachio flavour to uber-trendy salted caramel. If you’re ever in London then look out for branches of Amorino. Alongside the amazing gelato, these very cool eateries sell something called macarons al gelato. This is essentially a really fancy ice-cream sandwich and it tastes absolutely divine.


Flaky pastry, syrup and nuts may not sound like much, but when they come together in baklava they are like a little piece of culinary heaven. These are some of the tastiest pastries from around the world. This sweet delicacy is impossible to resist and it’s all part of the interest in Middle Eastern cuisine that’s taken the UK by storm in the last few years. Blame the likes of Ottolenghi and his beautiful cookery books that now sit alongside Nigella’s on the bookshelf of any self-respecting cook.

Chocolate Brownies

American food is obviously all the rage and along with the mouth-watering pancakes are the world-renowned chocolate brownies. Wherever you see pulled pork and towering burgers, brownies are never far behind. Like all good American cuisine, they benefit from the more-is-more approach. You’ll find the insanely gooey chocolate squares crammed full of everything from marshmallow and walnut chunks to jelly beans and even popping candy! This is another dessert that isn’t too challenging to make yourself but that definitely has the wow factor. So if you’re up for a bit of culinary DIY then check out this Jamie Oliver recipe for his “Bloomin’ Brilliant Brownies”. (…They definitely live up to the name!) Still one of the hippest desserts in the UK.

So now you’re well-informed you should be ready to choose your desserts with confidence. You can dodge the spotted dick and steer clear of the éclair. Here in the UK we can enjoy many desserts from different countries. Just remember to go for those all-American favourites piled high with goodies, or dip into Middle Eastern cuisine for that exotic, syrupy touch. OK… now stop drooling!

A guide to the hippest desserts in the UK right now -words Alexa Wang



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