How to stay healthy in some surprising ways

How to stay healthy in some surprising ways – words Alan Woods

Staying healthy should be everyone’s prerogative but sometimes things get in the way of following a completely healthy lifestyle. What things? Things you can’t really ignore, like jobs, relationships, family, and all kinds of other things which come into play on a day to day basis.

However, there are some super clever things that you can do so you can stay healthier. You can make a world of difference with the easiest tricks. If you’re looking for top help on how to stay healthy then you can hit up but if you want to learn some really cool tricks how to live longer and healthier, continue reading this article.


Improving your memory

If you are having memory problems or simply have a hard time remembering things, try using the chewing gum hack. If you have an exam for example, try chewing gum when you’re studying. When the exam starts, chew the same brand and flavor of chewing gum and you will have an improved memory. It might be a weird trick but it works because the chewing gum is associated with the information you were absorbing while studying.

Using Listerine for pimples

Listerine is many people’s favorite mouth wash but they don’t really think about the fact that they could use it for more than getting a fresh breath. The alcohol found in mouth wash can be used to clear pimples almost instantly. The alcohol will dry up the pimple and it will go away really quickly. So if you have a date or appointment you can’t miss, you can use this clever trick to make sure you look your best.

Natural teeth whitener

Want to whiten your teeth but can’t afford all those expensive products from the store? Use a strawberry and some baking soda for the job. Use a strawberry and half a teaspoon of baking soda to create a paste by mashing them up. Use that paste on your teeth and let it sit for about five minutes. After that, wash your teeth with what you normally use (toothpaste). Do this regularly and you will begin to see the effects quite early on.

Eating better

A not so surprising way to keep yourself staying healthy, but is very effective is eating alot healthier with nutrients such as Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and a variation of nuts. All of these can be found at Clearspring, who supply some of the tastiest yet healthiest snacks on the market.

Fix your sleeping habits

Sleeping can be a real problem for your health if you don’t have a proper sleeping schedule. Sometimes, our internal clocks get all messed up and we can’t sleep when we need to, or worse, get really sleepy when we should work or do something else. It’s one of the simple ways to live healthy. Here’s a super easy trick that will help you reset your internal clock: Stop eating for more than 12 hours prior to the time you want to wake up at. When that time comes, get a bite to eat and your body will associate that first meal in a long while as the moment when your day starts and will set it as your natural internal alarm hour.

How to stay healthy and fit in some surprising ways – words Alan Woods



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