4 Important Things to Know Before Adopting a Puppy

words Al Woods

Owning a dog is an amazing experience and can bring so much fulfilment to a family. However, many people will adopt puppies, kittens and other pets impulsively, without considering the responsibility that comes along with the job.

With all the joy that a puppy can bring, they’re a lot of work too and there are a few important things that you need to think about before you take on the challenge. If you’re thinking of bringing a furry family member into your home, here are a few important things to remember about them.

Adopting a Puppy

They Need Health Insurance

Just like anyone else in your family, dogs and puppies have health-related needs too. This means that they’ll need doctor’s visits, medicine when they get sick, and the very best food to keep them in tip-top shape. All of this can be quite a hefty expense.

Looking into pet insurance for your puppy is one of the best decisions you could make. Pet insurance is usually only a small monthly fee but can help you out in the case of any unforeseen illnesses or injuries your dog experiences. Vet bills can be painfully high, so this extra financial cushioning will help you rest at ease.

They Need Safety Precautions

Bringing a baby or toddler into your home might have you questioning the number of sharp corners and visible plug sockets in your home. In the same way, when bringing home a new dog (young or old), you might need to puppy-proof your home.

This doesn’t need to be a huge lifestyle overhaul. Simply consider what might be dangerous for your puppy in your home. You might want to be extra cautious about keeping gates or doors closed, hiding away any wires that might be chewed and blocking off entrances to dangerous areas.

They Need Training

Just like you’d take your kids to school, your puppy will need some level of training if you want them to behave well and bring you joy instead of making you want to tear your hair out. Working with a dog trainer or going to puppy school is a great idea to make this happen.

Of course, you can train your dog on your own, but remember that you might make some mistakes in training them without professional knowledge and experience. Make sure to teach them the basics, such as where they’re allowed to do their business and what “get off the sofa” means.

They Need Your Time and Energy

Finally, remember that dogs aren’t just cuddling machines that look cute and offer entertainment when you’re bored. You need to dedicate loads of your time and energy to them to give them a happy and fulfilled life (which we’re sure you do).

More than just playing with them and feeding them, you’ll need to take other responsibilities too. You’ll also need to clean up their messes, give them baths, take them for walks even when you’re feeling tired, schedule vet appointments, take them to groomers or puppy school, and make them a part of your family.


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