Is it Legal to Have Marijuana in Missouri?

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Medical cannabis products (and medical cannabis cards) have been legal in Missouri since 2018. And recreational marijuana has been legal since late 2022.

With all of that being said, marijuana legalization is still relatively new in the state of Missouri.

And this leads to a lot of uncertainty regarding whether or not weed in all cases is actually legal, and what you can and can’t do with it.

 Legal Marijuana Missouri

Obviously, people want to avoid legal entanglements. And they definitely don’t want to do stuff that isn’t legal—to the point where they could get themselves in trouble.

So understanding the law, when it comes to something like marijuana, is crucial.

Well, in this blog post, we’re going to dive into the facts and cover all of the important parts of the conversation.

After reading this post, you’ll understand the whole ‘legal weed’ conversation, as it pertains to Missouri, to a much greater degree.

This will help you to understand how marijuana can be used in Missouri without violating the law. 

Let’s dive into it and talk about it.

The Basics: Can You Use Weed Recreationally In Missouri?

As of late 2022, recreational marijuana has indeed been legalized.

So let’s take a minute and talk about exactly what that means.

First of all, you are allowed to walk into a legal dispensary and buy it recreationally, as long as you’re 21 years of age or older.

With that being said, you’re not allowed to buy it from people who aren’t licensed legal dealers. You’re not allowed to use cannabis in public, and you definitely don’t get to use it while driving or operating machinery.

Businesses that held medical licenses for marijuana in Missouri will also get first dibs to apply for comprehensive licenses under the new amendment.

According to the law, these new licenses will give businesses the ability to sell both to people with medical marijuana cards and people who just want to buy marijuana recreationally in the state of Missouri.

Can You Grow Your Own Plants In Missouri?

According to the new amendment, every person in Missouri age 21 and older now has a constitutional right to cultivate up to 18 plants—6 of which are mature, 6 that measure 14 inches but are not mature, and 6 that are under 14 inches.

This is a pretty cool aspect of the amendment. Giving people the right to grow their own plants is actually a pretty interesting thing to put into the law—and this will make it much easier (and actually legal) for people to be able to harvest their own cannabis if they want to.

What Types Of Marijuana Products Can You Buy In Missouri?

Under the new amendment, marijuana businesses in Missouri (licensed dispensaries) will now be able to sell marijuana and marijuana-infused products.

Some of these include flowers, concentrates, edibles, plants, seeds, and clones.

What Kind Of A Difference Will This Make For Day To Day Life In Missouri?

To say that Missourians love cannabis would be an understatement.

The truth of the matter is that a lot of people used to use it illegally—and this led to a lot of issues for people who just wanted to utilize it, but had no legal avenue to pursue it with.

Of course, this also kept people from using it for medicinal purposes as well.

Fast forward to 2018, and then medical marijuana was legalized—which meant that people were able to use it for medicinal purposes for the first time in a very long time on a legal basis.

And of course, recreational marijuana just makes this even better. Now, for people who are interested in using it and/or who want to use it for medical purposes, it’s available in a safe manner through legally licensed dispensaries.

For the average person who just wants to either try cannabis, use it, or treat a medical condition with it, the process of legalization has truly made all the difference.


There you have it.

A full rundown on the legalities of marijuana in Missouri.

Now you know exactly what the laws are, and can navigate accordingly.

All that’s left now is to visit a legal dispensary and give it a try.


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