‘It opens doors’ Four rising photographers on their favourite things at The Photography Show

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Tina at the show

Like any art form, photography is collaborative. Photographers draw inspiration from one another, they share their skills, they compete for prizes and commissions.

So to succeed, you need to get involved. That’s what The Photography Show is all about. As the UK’s largest show dedicated to photography, guests can explore all aspects of the craft, from editing to equipment, landscape photography to social media.

Ahead of this year’s edition (16-19 March), we spoke to some of the experts who’ll be speaking at the show, asking them for their top 5 things to do on a day at The Photography Show.


Ask something you’ve always wanted to ask

One of my favourite things to do at The Photography Show is learn’ says Ron Timehin, a freelance photographer whose work has featured in GQ, The Independent and the Evening Standard. ‘There is such a diverse range of workshops that take place over the few days that it runs. A vast wealth of knowledge is being shared somewhere every single minute’

With over a hundred talks, interviews and masterclasses across ten stages, The Photography Show offers insights into the skill of photography both broad and deep. From the legendary Martin Parr to fashion photography stalwart Lindsay Adler, the show gives you the chance to learn from the very best.

‘What I love about the show is the amount of knowledge that is shared across all the stages’ echoes Chio Fernandez, a professional photography with clients such as Airbnb and Fujifilm. ‘There are talks about literally everything you can imagine related to photography’

Discover a new brand

Photography isn’t all about kit – but it does help. At The Photography Show, you can try out state-of-the-art gadgets, from the latest cameras to lighting rigs.

One thing that I find very useful at The Photography Show is being able to connect with your favourite brands and finding out about new ones’ says Ron.

Fashion and beauty photographer Tina Eisen agrees. ‘Besides getting my hands on all the newly-released gear, The Photography Show is my favourite time to establish connections with brands and to network with fellow creatives’.

‘A favourite memory of mine is last year when I did my own talks for the first time’ he continues. ‘I did two for Sony and one for Adobe. Although I was nervous to start, it very quickly went away – thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of everybody who attended!’

With the biggest brands in photography offering masterclasses on from the best and brightest, The Photography Show allows you to actually learn about how to get the most out of the technology. An entire stage is dedicated to editing, helping you master the techniques of post-production, with another, Pro Lounge Live, looking into the kit preferred by the pros. For those wanting to make the step up, it’s the place to be.

Tina at the show

Meet new photographers

The Photography Show might bring together some of the biggest names around. But it’s not just about the superstars. With tens of thousands of fellow photographers, there’s a lot to gain from meeting other guests.

‘I love networking at the show – there are so many interesting fellow photographers who I may already know through social media, but never had the chance to meet in person’ Chio says.

‘The show brings together in one place people from across the country that I don’t always have the opportunity to meet in person’ says Peter Dench, photojournalist and author of England Uncensored. ‘So I’m looking forward to a catch up with old friends, meeting new ones and witness as many stage talks as possible’

Peter Dench

Recharge your batteries (figuratively)

Like an artistic pursuit, photography can be a long hard road. Establishing yourself demands constant engagement and improvement. So as well as improving your knowledge and test driving the latest gadgets, The Photography Show is also a chance to socialise, chill out with fellow photographers and remind yourself why you picked up a camera in the first place.

‘I’m really looking forward to meeting like minded people, to seeing faces that I haven’t seen for a whole year (since The Photography Show 2018, actually)’ says Chio. ‘It’s like a break from shooting and editing, to recharge your batteries and get ready to make the best of the rest of the year’

Tina says the same thing. ‘The photography community, brands & fellow creatives, are like a second family to me’ she explains. ‘Hanging out, chatting exciting projects and meeting inspiring names in the industry is always my favourite memory of each show.’

Give yourself a jolt

‘As a photographer, I can become complacent with my craft and my position in the industry’ admits Peter. ‘The Photography Show is a reminder of how diverse photography can be and how many talented people there are doing it’

Photography is competitive. Getting noticed takes a lot of effort, and sometimes you need to immerse yourself in the field to feel motivated. Mixing with the most passionate and enthusiastic photographers from all over the country is a great way to get new ideas, renewed energy, and to inspire yourself.

Tina agrees that the show is motivating. ‘Being around like-minded people fuels me for the rest of the year!’

The Photography Show 2019 runs 16-19 March – buy your tickets here

Pro photographers can apply for free entry subject to eligibility criteria up to midnight on 14 March 2019.


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