Blue One: The High-End Fashion Boutique That’s Taking the Hamptons by Storm

words Al Woods

luxury Fashion Boutique

It’s not often that you come across a fashion boutique where every item looks fresh and unique. You can’t take your eyes away from the merchandise it has in store for you.

From clothes to accessories, each hand-picked item looks like a thing of beauty. And that’s precisely what attracts NYC elites. Blue One, a high-end boutique, is now one of the most popular stores in Hamptons. It has many products, such as men’s and women’s clothes, accessories, and art and décor items.

Crystal and Jarret founded Blue One in 2007. Back then, social media wasn’t all that popular. The couple had to rely on word of mouth to generate customers and keep their business going. Fourteen years down, Blue One is one of the most reputable brands among Hamptons’ elites. It also ranked number one in Elle magazine. It’s a one-stop destination for everyone who wants stylish dresses, matching accessories and décor items for their homes.

Starting Blue One

Jarret and Crystal’s NY-based fashion backgrounds helped them come up with a range of uniquely-designed clothes. They picked these styles up from the places they visited for vacation. Their idea was that their target audience would like to try out outfits they won’t find in any department store. And if they can present them with merchandise from various parts of the world, their audience won’t shy away from buying them. Their business plan worked magically. Some of their products get sold out in a matter of a few days.

It gave the power couple the confidence to replicate the designs to never go out of stock. And so, they started handpicking designers whenever they went on vacation. They wanted specialists at work who would know the local style and designs and have the ambition to become popular in fashion. This idea led Jarret and Crystal to find independent designers, such as IRO, for designing the clothes they usually keep in stock and ensure that Blue One doesn’t put up a “Sold Out” sign for any design.

You will notice a stark difference between the style, design, and quality of Blue One and other boutiques. Every item looks as if it’s the last piece available. Their concept is that unique.

Connecting with customers on social media

Jarret and Crystal agree that social media helps Blue One reach out to its potential customers much faster than before. Previously, the couple only had to rely on word of mouth and referrals to get new customers. But they now have a Facebook and Instagram page where they post information about new arrivals, discounts, sales, and upcoming collections. It also allows their customers to message them directly regarding the probable availability of a specific style or décor item.

About Crystal and Jarret

Jarret was a former Ford model, while Crystal worked in fashion PR. Their experience in fashion gave them an idea about the unique designs that people may like to wear. Fortunately, their target audience loved their aesthetics and fashion choices. Some customers are so happy that they sponsor world trips for the Royalty Couple and take them on tours in $100,000,000 yachts and private planes.

Blue One will leave you wanting for more. Its unique merchandise collections are hard to resist, making them the premier destination for all Hamptons’ fashionistas.


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