DJ Xclusive City, the New Face of the Orlando Club Scene

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Orlando Club Scene

DJ Xclusive City has made a name for himself in the hip hop world of Orlando and beyond. Originally from Providence, RI, the young radio personality, producer, and DJ recently became the first-ever DJ from Orlando to be named to Black Business Orlando’s (BBO) list of “Orlando’s Top 21 Influential People in 2021.”

DJ Xclusive City has recently gained attention with his viral live streams on Twitch and YouTube, which have earned over 4 million views worldwide. People from all over the world are adoring his work as a result of his live streams, which have garnered him a sizable fan base through various social media channels. He has taken hip hop to the forefront of the clubbing scene in Orlando through his own joint venture event companies, and he hopes to continue to expand in the industry. He had no previous experience with DJing when he joined the field; all he had was a passion for music and knowledge of various genres. Hip hop was becoming more common at the time, but most DJs still used it as an opener. However, Xclusive City’s passion for hip hop evolved with him from the beginning, and it soon became his forte. He began uploading tracks and working with the other DJs at the club in his spare time. He began to love it so much that he would arrive at the venue at 4 p.m., take the keys from the guards, and practice even when the clubs were closed. But, as the saying goes, “success does not happen overnight.” He fought for almost seven years for a career that he won through hard work! In the meantime, he worked odd jobs at various clubs before being employed as a resident DJ. People began to notice him and respect his work quite quickly.

From there, his string of success began. He has played at several of Orlando’s most popular venues throughout his years as a DJ, as well as bookings in other major cities around the country to play 5-6 nights a week. Despite the pandemic, DJ Xclusive City isn’t slowing down, and we caught up with him to explore his early influences and much more. DJ Xclusive City is currently preparing for his post-COVID, USA, and Europe tours, following back-to-back sensational and houseful shows around the world. DJ Xclusive City is also working on his first production, as well as new collaborations with artists from different genres. These upcoming projects seem to be searching for answers from the public, but in fact, they respond to those seeking encouragement and inspiration during these challenging times. He’ll also be working with a variety of artists this year on big projects. When it comes to his success, Xclusive City believes that improvement is needed at all times. After joining iHeartRadio and 104.5 The Beat (WTKS), he became the first Haitian-American DJ and radio personality to have a weekly show on the radio in Orlando and nationally, changing the game with a huge fan base.

“When people didn’t use social media, I spent a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook, and I started promoting myself there,” DJ Xclusive City says of his struggles. “Social media gave me a lot of exposure in Orlando and encouraged me to attend a lot of events. Finally, I’ve made a name for myself in this industry.” DJ Xclusive City has effectively carved his name in the books as one of the best DJs in the music industry, thanks to his deep willpower and determination. “DJing is not only about playing tracks and music,” says DJ Xclusive City, “but it also needs a lot of ideas and creativity.” Legendary DJs who pioneered and paved the way for other DJs around the world influenced him greatly. Now he’s sharing the stage with those same legendary DJs. This young artist achieved what he had always wished for thanks to his hard work and passion for success. DJ Xclusive City has risen from humble beginnings to become Orlando’s most renowned and finest DJ and versatile Turntablist, serving as an inspiration to other aspiring DJs across the world. DJ Xclusive City anticipates producing more mixes, innovative videos, and music tracks for his beloved followers.

To learn more, follow him on Instagram: @djxclusivecity, Twitter: @djxclusivecity, Facebook: DJ Xclusive City and visit his official website


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