5 Reasons Why Military Clothes Are Always in Fashion

words Alexa Wang

Throughout the years, the world of fashion has adopted the military-style. It should come as no surprise. Even simple pieces of clothing and accessories, such as t-shirts or watches, seem to have a military heritage.

For instance, did you know that if it were not for British soldiers in India, you would not even know what the chinos are? And that is just an example of the way in which the military has influenced our everyday fashion.

But what caused military clothes to succeed? The answer is a little more complex than you may think. In the article below, we will show you why military clothes will always be in fashion, and why shops like Veterans Nation Store will never go out of business. Take a look!

Military Clothes

Army Clothing Makes You Look Cool

Fashion is all about appearance. And when it comes to military clothing, one has to admit it can look pretty cool. In fact, it is probably one of the reasons why so many teens want to join the army.

For instance, take a look at leather jackets. They were originally developed by the US Air Force in World War I. Named the bomber jacket, its purpose was to protect pilots against the elements, as they were flying in open cockpits back then.

Today, the jacket represents rebellion. In the 20th century, it was worn by groups like the Black Panthers or punk rockers. However, it gained the most momentum after the premiere of Top Gun. Back then, everyone wanted to look as cool as Tom Cruise in his leather jacket and a pair of aviator sunglasses. But that is just one example of how military clothes and accessories can turn an ordinary civilian into a cool cat.

They Are Practical

The main reason why military clothes are so popular is their practicality. Clothes worn by soldiers have to be comfortable, durable, and functional. And even though today’s military clothes differ from their predecessors, they are still known for their practicality including popular items such as camo leggings.

To put things into perspective, let’s take a closer look at the pea coat – arguably the most versatile item in a man’s winter wardrobe. Originally used by the 18th century’s European sailors, it was adopted by the U.S. Navy, only to become a staple of menswear.

Pea coats are warm, versatile, and protective. All of these characteristics make them the perfect example of how amazing and practical military-influenced clothes can be.

Military Clothes

They Are Incredibly Durable

We all have that one friend who used to wear the same pair of combat boots every day back when they were attending high-school. Chances are, they still have them today. And do you know why? Because they were based on military technology. Belleville boots for example were originally designed for the US military but luckily, you can shop for Belleville boots here even today. These are still popular among law enforcement, firemen, and even construction workers. That brings us to the next point – army clothes are durable. Imagine a soldier who has to throw out his boots, trousers, or jacket after a day-long march. That would not be really practical, would it?

Almost Every Piece of Clothing Has a Military Heritage

As we have already mentioned, every piece of clothing you own is very likely to have an army heritage. If we were to eliminate all military-influenced clothes from our lives, our wardrobes would probably end up looking much different than they do now.

If you need proof, close your eyes and imagine your closet without your t-shirts, scarves, chinos, or your favorite suit. Yes, even a simple item like the t-shirt you are wearing on a daily basis is an element of every military uniform. If it were not for the US Army troops coming back from World War I, this basic piece of attire would not have gained its popularity. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Other army-influenced clothes and styles are dark-blue and khaki-colored clothes, blucher shoes, watches, metal buttons, and the characteristic camouflage pattern we are all familiar with.

Everyone Loves Them

It may sound like an over-the-top statement, but is there a person who does not find military-based clothes comfortable? They are great for almost any occasion. It does not matter whether you are working out or going to a rock concert. You can be sure that there is a piece of military attire that you can wear!

The Bottom Line

As you can see, almost everything you wear has some sort of military heritage. Whether it is your beloved t-shirt, your prom suit, or your favorite casual chinos, all these pieces of clothing originate from the army.

For example, did you know that suits were first worn by the French and Russian soldiers back in the Napoleonic era? Or that the first person who wore a bomber jacket was not Tom Cruise in Top Gun but a US Air Force pilot?

In fact, if you threw away all pieces of your military-influenced pieces of attire that you own, it is very likely that you would have nothing practical to put on. And that is the main reason why military clothes will always be in fashion!


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