The Fascinating Journey of Dr Nina Skincare

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If you read the story of Dr Nina Skincare – the recently launched all-natural beauty brand, you will be more fascinated not only about its products but also about the whole journey, the ups and downs, the passion, and overall, the founder’s love towards making people smile naturally.

The story of Dr Nina Skincare can not be told without telling the story of its founder Dr Nina. She grew up in the Alps of Italy. Her father was a skiing instructor, which she was also fond of doing from her early age. Growing up with nature itself, skiing on the Italian Alps called Aosta and being passionate about what life brings in every turn, Dr Nina has all of it in herself from the very beginning. The aesthetics, the beauty, the nature-influenced skincare, everything is with her all her life. She discovered everything and everything fell into place while she was practising in London, her second home, as a Cosmetic Dental Surgeon and Advanced Facial Aesthetics Clinician.

Dr Nina beauty

Journey of a Newcomer

In the beginning, while new to London, she didn’t have a job or knew no one. Once she found her feet via a private practice, she started to focus on her passion for curating things beautifully. The area of aesthetic facial dentistry was something she always wanted to explore and it was accessible in London. Her practice didn’t only flourish but brought her many awards along with it. Not only that, but she also got the chance to offer her expertise in two of the UK’s popular television programs called Bodyfixers and on This Morning.

Despite being a mother of two, Dr Nina manages a perfect work-life balance effortlessly. In fact, being a mother gave her a new perspective about her job. Since then, she gets a motherly charm towards her patients, which eventually helps her to treat each issue with heightened compassion.

Dr Nina Skincare

Dr Nina’s knowledge and insight into the industry combined with her love for fashion have made her stand out from the crowd. If you read the story of Dr Nina Skincare , you would realize how passionately she thinks about both the outer and inner transformation of her clients. She thinks that without knowing your patient’s inner energy, you cannot accomplish what you are doing to their outer self. So, it’s wonderful that she made the effort in offering a line of beauty products that are formulated to radiate both the outer skin and the inner self.

With 400k followers on Instagram, she is now bringing up a crowd of conscious audiences to the new revolution of the skincare scene, encouraging them to embrace natural skincare products. Her recent achievement in the 2020 Global Excellence Award for the Most Outstanding Facial Sculpting Treatment also points to a person who knows what she is doing. With such abilities and passion for skincare from the founder, Dr Nina Skincare is poised for big things. Long may its journey continue!


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