Kylie Jenner Inspired Baggy Hoodie Styles

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Kylie Jenner Baggy Hoodie

Kylie has a knack for turning simple pieces into fashion statements. All she has to do is step outside in something, and it becomes fashion.

Below, we’ll explore how you can replicate some of Kylie Jenner’s inspired baggy hoodie styles (without the price tag).

Is It All Casual?

Hoodies aren’t lazy days at home or quick errands anymore. Inspired by fashion icons like Kylie Jenner, hoodies have made their way into high fashion. But you have to find balance. The hungover McDonald’s run in an oversized hoodie and sweatpants isn’t very Kylie Jenner.

Layer a hoodie with a sleek blazer, just like her sister, Kendall Jenner, did. Or, take a cue from Gigi Hadid and match your hoodie with a pair of flared, checkered trousers and a statement jacket. Kylie follows a mix of the two – she likes oversized jeans and hoodies.

Still, don’t think you have to go for Kylie Jenner price tags. You can get perfect cheap hoodies from online stores like Wordans for, literally, a fraction of the cost.

Accessorizing Your Hoodie

Look at Kylie Jenner, and you’ll see a ring on almost every finger, earring, necklace, bracelet – she’s covered in so much jewelry that you have to wonder how much it all costs.

Still, she knows accessories can make or break an outfit and probably wouldn’t be caught dead without a long list of expensive items.

Consider pairing your hoodie with bold, statement jewelry like chunky necklaces or oversized earrings (a Kylie Jenner special).

You could also swap out casual sneakers for heeled booties or statement shoes (again, a Kylie Jenner special). That’s not to say she doesn’t wear trainers – she does, often, but they’re expensive. You could get similar trainers that work well, like Nike Blazers or Nike Air Force. You can’t go wrong with a staple pair of Nike Air Force until they crease after one day.

Layering with Hoodies

It’s all about layering. Unless it’s warm where you are, stay away from layers unless you want to sweat your makeup off. And god forbid, don’t only go out in a baggy hoodie if it’s warm. No amount of setting spray will protect your makeup from the forehead sweat.

Still, some would say layering is an art form in fashion. Beyond the classic hoodie-and-blazer combo, there are numerous ways to layer your hoodie for a chic look. Wear your hoodie under a trench coat (Vogue says trench coats are in for 2024) for a play on proportions, or layer it over a collared shirt (Vogue says collars are out) for a preppy twist.

Kylie Jenner layers by mixing hoodies with jackets, coats, and other tops. All designers, of course, but you can find cheaper alternatives.

Baggy hoodies aren’t just a staple of casual wear. They’re versatile pieces that, when styled well, can make a fashion statement. It’s not just Kylie Jenner who wears them well – the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan is a fan, as are other celebrities (most of them are models). Maybe they’re trying to hide from the paparazzi – we don’t know, but it seems everyone loves the once-rejected baggy hoodie. How do you like to style your baggy hoodie?




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