Give your living space a royal makeover

Give your living space a royal makeover – words Alexa Wang

We’ve all been there – sometimes your home just needs a splash of luxury to make you feel refreshed and more in sync with your space, something to make you look forward to spending more time at home, especially if you have been living in the same house for quite a long time. Here is how you can transform your living space by a couple of luxury additions.

Spoil Yourself in the Bedroom

If there is one place that truly feels like your sanctuary at home, it’s your bed. So, if you truly want to indulge yourself, what better way to do it than to get yourself a king size bed to stretch around all you want? A comfortable bed with a quality mattress from Casper will allow you to feel like royalty when you snuggle in bed on a cold winter’s night. The Casper King Size mattress offers zoned support for spinal alignment and four unique layers of foam, which can work wonders for your back problems and offer better sleep quality overall. It is easier than ever to get a great mattress online and you can even get a mattress 100 day trial. It is embraced by celeb royalty like Kylie Jenner – so why not give your body what it deserves?


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Take Entertainment Seriously

Your home is the place where you wind down after a busy day so it is only natural that you would like to have some fun. If you are feeling bored at home, maybe it is time to help yourself to a treat. Depending on what your definition of fun is, this could mean investing in a nice audio system and a turntable to listen to your favourite music old-style. There are some good turntables for every budget – and you can finally start that vinyl collection you always dreamed about. Your turntable can also become a great conversation starter at gatherings with friends, especially those who appreciate music as much as you do.

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Bathroom Bubbles

Nothing is more refreshing and exhilarating than a good, long bath. It can help alleviate back pain and get you relaxed in no time after a hard day at work. And it does not take much to turn your bathroom into your own private spa. You just need to do some research and invest in some bath foam that will make for a bubbly and calming bath. Do not forget to pick up some bath salts for that unbelievable sense of refreshment, and some oil to help your skin stay moist and soft. You will feel like a king!

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Create Your Own Cocktail Bar

If you are looking to transform your space into something livelier and take up a new hobby, too, why not make your own cocktails? It is easy to get started with a cocktail starter kit and there are plenty of basic recipes and tips online to get you going. Investing in some bartender gear and a few nice bottles of booze will not only make your place look fancier, but it will also make your home everyone’s favourite place to hang out. Learn a couple of tricks and classic cocktails with a twist and you’ll be ready to impress everyone.

It does not take much to transform your living place – and make the house you live in feel more like a home, with just a hint of extra luxury.

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