5 Ways To Reduce Anxiety During Isolation

words Al Woods

The current global lockdown has delivered to us the luxury of indefinite leisure time. This phase certainly comes as a much-needed break for most of us. While for some others, apprehension and uncertainty slowly creep into our idle time. Thoughts wander to imminent financial problems or personal shortcomings and before we know it, we’re down that infinite spiral of anxiety.

Haven’t we heard that famous saying, “An idle mind is the devil’s playground”? If you’re increasingly finding your mind wander to unpleasant and unnecessary thoughts, you’re not the only one! Anxiety is the most common psychological problem effecting one in every 13 people. Which is why, we’ve put together some simple and effective ways of blowing off steam and beating those anxious nerves.

Get Organised

All those binge shopping weekends have left you with a whole lot of stuff you either don’t use or don’t need. There couldn’t be a better time to wade through your pile of belongings and get things organised! Give away things you can and discard stuff you’ve been hoarding for years. Not only will this give you more space for things you actually need, but it will also make your entire home a lot cleaner and more organised. 

Besides, de-cluttering your home does more than just that. It is said to do a great deal of good to your mental state as well. Cleaning is therapeutic for many people as it releases those happy hormones called endorphins. It also helps burn off some calories and results in better sleep. So, get that closet revamped and turn on the vacuum cleaner to drive away all your isolation blues! 

Talk To A Friend

It’s never a bad time to rekindle old friendships and catch up on lost time together. If you’re finding all that idle time getting the better of you, turning to a good ol’ friend never fails to bring a change of heart. Get on those Skype video calls, get those Whatsapp chats active again and bring old memories back. Not only will this reconnect drive those anxiety blues away, but it’s certain to pave the way for a lot more fun once the isolation ends.

Indulge In Natural Relief

Nothing works like an all-natural remedy for those frequent pangs of anxiety. While an occasional drink may help you, know that it comes with certain risks to your liver and wellbeing. CBD, on the other hand, is a completely organic compound that ushers in serenity and peacefulness in your mind. Not only does it calm your senses, it also uplifts your mood and acts as an anti-inflammatory antidote to pain. Getting your hands on CBD couldn’t possibly come at a better time in this period of isolation. Its many subtle flavours are certain to infuse your senses with unprecedented composure and drive those anxious nerves away. You can consume it in the form of oil, capsules or other edibles. Here is a great resource to learn more about CBD and discover the most effective way to beat anxiety forever! Alternatively, magic mushrooms can help with anxiety too. Users have attest to how better they feel after their “trips”. In other cities, it has been used in therapeutic treatments to PTSD and near-death patients. In Canada, it isn’t completely illegal so you can purchase microdoses online. Buy Mushrooms Canada is a great online store for your shroom needs.  

Learn A New Skill

Distract your mind from building castles of anxiety. What better way to do that than to learn a new skill? If there’s some activity you have been wanting to indulge in but your schedule plays spoilsport, now is the time! It could be a sport, a culinary skill or even an art form! You will come out of this phase of isolation with a skill you didn’t know you had a niche for! What’s more, Harvard University is offering 64 free online courses that could help you jack up your resume in this free time. Drive anxiety right out of your mind by investing your mental energies in honing a new skill.

Get Healthier

All your long hours at work have constantly been an excuse for a healthier lifestyle. Grabbing those takeaways and binging on weekends seemed like an endless rut. Turns out, your anxiety could very well stem from an unhealthy lifestyle. Well, here’s your chance to break it! Blow off some steam by throwing on those workout shoes and breaking into a sweat! Start with a simple 20 minute body-weight workout and build on it every single day. Turn to those numerous online tutorials for inspiration and ideas! They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. Here’s your chance to build all those healthy ones!

Don’t allow anxiety to seep away this precious time for self-improvement. Break the chains of apprehension with the above methods and usher your mind into a state of calm and purpose.


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