Why Am I Losing Weight In The Face: The Real Reason Behind It

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Spontaneous weight loss in the face is a problem for many people. The truth is, we cannot lose weight only in the face, and there are several factors that cause this to happen.

It’s not unusual for someone with extra pounds to lose weight unevenly through the body– some say it tends to start first in the face where they are looking very tired or even sick.

If you’re wondering why this happens, don’t worry. There are numerous reasons for this to happen and some may seem really surprising for you, so keep reading.

What Causes Of Fat Loss In The Face?

Usually weight loss is a positive change in your life, though there are some exceptions.

Here are some potential causes of fat loss in the face:


Aging is a very common reason for facial fat loss. We lose muscle mass and skin tone when we get older. The face is also particularly susceptible because it contains more fat th

an other parts of the body.

This loss of muscle mass in combination with decreased bone density can cause sagging skin and wrinkles, giving an aged appearance, so it is common to lose weight in the face.

Losing Weight Face
Hormonal Changes

Changes in hormone secretion can cause us to gain or lose weight, but it’s most common for women to experience this type of weight loss. This is because they are susceptible to hormonal changes caused by birth control pills, pregnancy, and menopause.


Stress is a common cause of weight loss in the face. Once you experience a stressful time, cortisol levels can increase and cause us to lose weight. This type of weight loss is the most difficult to combat because it is psychological as well as physical. However, every problem has some ways out, so you may try to find a solution for this situation.

Improper Nutrition

When you eat improperly, the body does not receive all nutrients. That is why you should be aware of the foods you consume. If you are eating more than 2000 kcal per day and do not get enough protein in your diet, then it will be difficult for your face to retain its shape.

Sun Exposure 

Another cause of facial weight loss is sun exposure. The UV rays found in sunlight can damage the skin cells, causing them to die more quickly, which then causes dehydration and sagging. That is why you should always use sunscreen for both your face and body.

Weight In The Face
Too Much Cardio 

In addition to weight loss, too much cardio can cause your face to look sunken and gaunt because you lose a lot of muscle. This is why the exercise plans provided by BetterMe have a healthy balance of cardio, weight lifting, and proper nutrition so you can achieve the best possible results.


Smoking can also cause you to lose weight in the face. The chemicals found in cigarettes and tobacco affect collagen production, which reduces fat storage, leading to sagging skin and wrinkles. If you’ve been thinking about quitting smoking but haven’t been able to do so, this might be a good reason for you to finally kick those cigarettes to the curb.

Certain Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions can cause weight loss in the face. These include diabetes, hypothyroidism, and Cushing’s syndrome. Always talk to your doctor if you feel that you have a weight problem or any symptoms, which may indicate a medical condition. Do not try to treat your condition by yourself because it may lead to severe consequences and cost you even more health damage.

Losing Weight Face

How To Avoid Facial Weight Loss?

Read our tips for maintaining a young and healthy face:

Eat Enough Protein

Protein is essential to the production of collagen and will help your face retain its elasticity. When we don’t get enough protein, our bodies break down muscle mass and use it for other functions, one of which is fueling metabolism.

A high protein diet comprises meats, seafood, legumes, and dairy in moderation.

Support Collagen Production

Collagen supplements can help with collagen production and the regeneration of skin tissue. You may also use cosmetics with these ingredients that boost collagen production:

  • vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, ginseng, retinol, aloe vera gel, antioxidants
Eat Enough Calories

If you are eating less than 2000 calories per day, your body will go into starvation mode, which means it starts to break down muscle for energy instead of fat, causing weight loss in the face.

Get Enough Rest

A lack of sleep has been shown to weigh down the face with dark circles and wrinkles. Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night and you will see positive changes.

Use Sunscreen  

UV rays are very damaging to the skin. Use sunscreen when you’re outside and keep your face covered with a hat or scarf when you know you’ll be exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time.

The Bottom Line

These tips will help you maintain a healthy weight on your face. If you’re not getting results from them, then you should see a doctor because the cause could be something more serious than improper nutrition or lack of sleep.


This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. A licensed physician should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical conditions. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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