Lunch in London: Sherlock Holmes Afternoon Tea at the Taj!

Celebrating Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous sleuth this summer, St James Court: A Taj Hotel has launched their Sherlock Holmes Afternoon Tea experience. Lunch in London has never been so logical.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes is of course known for his proficiency of observation, and logical reasoning, investigating cases for Scotland Yard. Holmes first appeared in 1887 in ‘A Study in Scarlet’. The famous detective and his sidekick Dr. Watson’s adventures eventually totalled four novels and 56 short stories. With his intrinsic connection to London and Baker Street, the detective is a London institution.



So what better way to enjoy a trip, or just an afternoon off work in the captial, than with a very special Sherlock Holmes themed London afternoon tea? Another British institution of course! St. James’ Court: A Taj Hotel has launched its Sherlock Holmes Afternoon Tea in London as the ultimate quirky tea party in celebration of the nation’s favourite sleuth. The hotel’s wonderful chefs have certainly been doing some delving, with this mystifying selection of culinary rarities.

Looking at the menu, the cuisine on offer is a very grown up treat, inspired by the puzzling narrative of Sherlock. Holmes references are scattered throughout the menu. The 221 B Macaroon is infused with 25-year-old Scotch, whilst the Moriarty’s Bomb is a tantalizingly alluring coffee and Bailey’s Cheesecake.

The Sherlock Holmes Smoky Cigar arrives in the form of a smoked caramel mousse, and Watson’s Moustache, is the ultimate addition in the form of a Stout Cupcake. The selection of savoury sandwiches is inspired by The Sign of The Four, the second of the Sherlock Holmes novels.

The Five Orange Pips features an intriguing combination of smoked salmon with orange flavoured horseradish. The more traditional Hound of Baskerville, includes a filling of roast beef and English mustard. The explosion of flavours leaves no stone unturned to bring revelation to our taste buds.

The Sherlock Holmes Afternoon Tea in London launches to celebrate the creation of a limited edition hardback Sherlock Holmes book. Watch out for more Holmes-themed experiences to be unveiled throughout the year.

The Sherlock Holmes London Afternoon Tea is available to book now at £35 per person. For more information visit