7 Ways You Can Maximize Your Staycation

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Maximize Staycation

Staycation is a holiday planned within a country or just at home with several trips within the locality. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been made almost impossible to fly or be allowed to visit another country, unless for diplomatic purposes.

A staycation does not require an overnight stay away from your home. How do you maximize the enjoyment of it? In this article, we’ll talk about the seven ways you can effectively and efficiently maximize your staycation.

Arrange your home

You are on vacation, right? With this, you need to prepare your home in advance. How do you do this? Always ensure your chores are done before starting your vacation. If you cannot, you can hire someone to assist you with your duties while enjoying the relaxation mode. You can decorate your home and put up finishes in accordance with your dream destination. Ensure the atmosphere you create will bring out the vacation experience. You can also hire experts to carry out the home decoration services.

Set up a budget

There is no vacation without an expense, even if it’s a stay-at-home vacation. You need to have a reasonable budget. How do you make one? Ensure what you plan for, is within your limits. The good thing about staycation budgets is that they are low and can be adjusted just in case of shortage. If you feel bored being at home, get your stay at your nearest hotels or guest rooms which you can book and enjoy discounts. Creating a budget will determine your future vacations as you may decide to stick to a staycation or holidays within the locality.

Get a theme for your staycation

Having a vacation at home does not mean having to keep everything in your home exactly as it was. Get a theme for your staycation. Picking a theme on distant holidays occurs naturally because you choose your destination according to your likes and preferences. What about at home? You can take ideas from your trips and create a theme at your home for the best staycation. Choosing your best theme makes your staycation more worthy and enjoyable. Failure to do so might make your trip not pleasant and will leave you with regrets.

Get off your routine

When on a staycation, get off from your routine and avoid doing the usual errands you usually perform at home. For parents, you can decide to stop cooking and treat your family with meals and drinks from outside or hire a chef who will do your cooking. You can also sub-contract service providers who will be cleaning your house and carry other errands. At least make everything look a bit different. Instead of the usual office suits, you can decide to wear pajamas or casual clothes while staying at home.

Stop working

Relieve yourself from all the duties. Remember, you are taking a vacation, and you need to be free and relaxed. There is no need to continue working while on your staycation. To stop working, you can put your work phone calls on hold or assign someone to be attending to them. You can also mute and stop emails or leave messages saying you are out of office. If your job needs you more than anyone else, you can set time probably an hour a day to check on the progress or catch up with updates.

Your Staycation

Take some photos

You will need something to make you remember your staycation, just like what you do when you go on a vacation. You can hire a professional cameraperson or use your phone to take photos of the places, themes, and the people you will be with during your staycation. If possible, have them put into an album for memories. You can also use these photos to improve what’s not right during the next holiday.

Plan to resume your regular duties

Of course, you cannot go on vacation forever, and the same goes for staycation. Plan on the date and time you will end your staycation and be prepared for it. Before completing your staycation, you can plan for a day or two to check on your emails, missed calls, and text messages and get updated on what used to happen while away. If you had delegated tasks, get to the people working for you and catch up from where you left.

The above seven tips are essential for anyone planning for a staycation. Although there might be many out there, considering these will ensure you enjoy your time and moments fully. 


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