Top 5 movies and cartoons with cats on Netflix

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Cats are often made into antagonists: either cats want to enslave people and take over the world, or whiskers are completely written down as servants to the devil, and dogs, of course, always go to heaven. Stop enduring this: we have collected ten films and cartoons, the main characters of which are brave kittens, kind cats and good cats. In their stories, they purr, play with balls, save other animals, people, and even mice – just tailed angels.

cartoons cats Netflix

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Puss in Boots

As you understand, the cartoon is dedicated to Puss in Boots. The cartoon tells about his childhood, about his friend Humpty Dumpty, with his friend he decided to steal the Goose that lays golden eggs and about the relationship between two friends developed.

This cartoon is about friendship, betrayal, lies and justice. It is not just interesting to watch, but it carries very important and correct values to children and some adults would also do well to be imbued with the idea of ​​this cartoon.


For many viewers, Garfield has become a real symbol of the 2000s. Even those who did not have the Internet heard about this film. And no wonder, because such an active and almost intelligent domestic cat could not help but win the hearts of cat lovers. Many aspects of this film are close to ideal. This is a chic soundtrack, and excellent acting, and facial expressions of animal characters. The plot of Garfield is pretty simple. This is a story about enmity, which, under the influence of conscience, turns into friendship. Someone has success, someone has failure, and what is a film without a love line?

44 Cats

Four kittens named Lampo, Milady, Pilu and Donut live in Pina’s grandmother’s house and decide to create their own musical group called “Kis-kis-cats”. At the moment, the cartoon has 4 seasons.

The heroes are very mobile, constantly climb on the rampage, have many adventures, create their own musical group, drawing the attention of others to their person. These cute fluffy heroes want to make this world kinder, and it seems that they succeed.

The Cat Returns

If one day you happen to accidentally save a cat from imminent death, be prepared for the fact that absolutely incredible events can happen in your life! You can suddenly become his interlocutor, say by the way, politeness, good breeding and nobility will be present in the conversation and demeanor. There will be no limit to your surprise, but this is far from all. Life can change drastically by engaging in unprecedented adventures.

This is exactly the story that happened to the main character of this wonderful cartoon. A completely ordinary schoolgirl’s everyday life is turned upside down. Unprecedented cases follow one after another without respite. Acquaintance with the royal persons of the cat world will mark the beginning of a series of fun and unforgettable incidents. Talking to cats will seem like an ordinary thing to you, and a trip to the cat country as a matter of course.

Talking Tom and Friends

Tom is the leader of a group of friends and is an energetic and genius cat. His ideas are legendary. His dreams are big. He will go far! Together with his friend Ben in the garage studio, Tom develops games and hopes that this work will bring him worldwide fame, success and wealth. All they have to do is work hard and offer the world one cool app or game. Tom will succeed, because the best friends in the world – Ben, Angela, Ginger and Hank – help him realize his dream.

Here is a list of 5 animated series, cartoons and films with cats. We hope this article has helped you, and you will have plenty to choose from to have an exciting evening.


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