Musical Instruments You Can Learn to Play While in Quarantine

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Musical Instruments

With the current global pandemic, finding a hobby can be troubling, considering that everyone is under quarantine. Some musical instruments are easy, fun, and rewarding to learn, although perfecting the art can take time.

There are several instruments that you can pick up during this quarantine period thanks to the internet. Here are a few instruments that you can learn quickly and overcome boredom.

Bass Guitar

A guitar is one of the most natural instruments that are appropriate for any newbie. The guitar is an essential instrument that’s affordable and one that you can find almost everywhere. The bass guitar is similar to the acoustic guitar, the only difference being the number of strings. A bass guitar has four strings making it the ideal instrument for newbies. Learning to play the guitar would need regular practice, and the best part about perfecting your skill is that guitarists are currently in high demand. Thanks to this article, you can learn how easy it is to play the guitar. It would be best if you considered taking an online guitar lesson that would be comfortable and convenient, considering that you are locked at home during this quarantine period. The online lesson will be straightforward since all you need is internet access and a way to connect your guitar to your computer and you will learn a lot about bass guitars.


The quarantine session can be annoying, although learning to play the ukulele could revive your spirits. To begin with, pick a ukulele: soprano ukuleles are small while baritones and tenors are enormous. Pluck the nylon strings using a felt pick or with your thumb. You might need an application or a YouTube guide to help you in tuning the strands to the right standard; then, later, you should learn how to play the chords.


This is a tiny instrument that could fit in your pocket, although it creates a lovely melody once you learn how to use it. Blow air into the harmonica and adjust your mouth position every once in a while to alter the pitch. Inspect the harmonica tabs to determine when to inhale, exhale, and where to blow air.

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Playing the piano requires dedication, and thanks to the quarantine, you have all the time in the world. Learning to play the piano comes with its advantages since you get to develop perseverance, concentration, and emotional expression. Besides, playing the piano will help relieve stress, and it allows you to bolster your self-esteem.


This instrument might seem like something being played only on orchestras. However, cello is now making a name in the music industry and are being played by many aspiring musicians. Cello is part of the strings family that is larger than the viola and violin. There are several musicians on Youtube that do cello covers of popular songs such as Despacito, Havana, and Just the Way You Are. In choosing an instrument, make sure to find the cello and cello bow that fits your size and expertise. 


A clarinet is a little trumpet that is played using a single-reed mouthpiece.  The quality of the tone varies depending on the one playing the instruments, the reed, and the mouthpiece. Clarinets are easy instruments to study, considering that you only need to stick to a two-octave range.

Snare Drum

If you aspire to play the drum, then you should begin with a snare drum. Grab some wooden sticks; light and thin sticks would be ideal for a starter as opposed to heavy ones, and a metronome. Start by practicing rudiments; these are drumming exercises that include flams, paradiddles, and drum rolls. The rudiments will help in boosting coordination, and it will strengthen your wrist muscles. Begin slowly to ensure that you perfect your control and accuracy before you increase your drumming speed.


Spending your quarantine session and learning how to play the saxophone won’t make you a superstar, although you can learn the basics quickly. First, learn how to assemble the parts and how to place the reed in the mouthpiece. Place the saxophone on your neck then put your thumb beneath the thumb rest. Blow some air into the saxophone and, using your left hand, change the notes by pressing the keys. It would be appropriate to experiment with different reeds to help you identify the one that works well with you.


The instrument appears as a simple box, although it has more to offer. Try striking the box sided using sticks, or you can slap it with your hands. The Cajon produces an expressive sound that can be used as a snare drum. Learning to play the Cajon can be the most straightforward task since you only have to watch videos of people playing the instrument. Learn the different techniques they slap the Cajon then maintain the beat by playing a song you cherish.

Generally, everyone enjoys music, and during this quarantine period, you could take advantage and learn how to play an instrument or two. There are numerous online platforms where you can learn how to play the instrument; therefore, take advantage of this period and learn how to play while you are confined at home.


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