Be bold and create your own look with O Clock watches

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I don’t know about you but many of the luxury high end men’s watches just leave me cold. They look heavy and old fashioned and all they do, after all, is tell you the time.

They might cost hundreds and even thousands of pounds but they look like something your granddad might have worn if he’d had a taste bypass.

All of this is about to change of course with the soon to be launched Apple iWatch. This will be a game changer and people’s demands of what a watch should do and look like will never be the same again. Personally we like the fun and style of the Fullspot O Clock range of watches. This company has broken the watch rule book and come up with their own unique products that is good value, looks the part and brings some fun back to the rather stodgy watch sector.

The Italian brand leads with colour. These can be as bold and as radical as you like with O Clock watches and the main joy is that you can adapt and change the way your watch looks each day. The strap and casing is separate from the watch mechanism itself so you can swap around as you please. The intensely minimal look to the clock face is leaps ahead of the rather clumsy attempts of some more expensive brands too. They even have over 100 products in the children’s range too so your kids can get in on the act.

It’s the mixing and matching though that really allows you to get creative. This season’s colours are as strong and as bold as ever and includes some on trend tones so you can coordinate with your latest outfit if you so please.


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