5 most common home repairs you can do yourself

words Alexa Wang

We all prefer our homes to look tidy, whether it is owned property or rented accommodation. Whenever something breaks down, the easiest way to fix it is to delegate the job to professionals. However, certain tasks may be accomplished without expert assistance. Take advantage of the lifehacks below and save money on repairs.

To attempt any home improvement, you need the right tools. If you often move from place to place, consider getting one of these tool backpacks. It will ensure none of your instruments get lost.

common home repairs

Word of Caution

The tasks below can be completed with minimal experience. Nevertheless, it is imperative that you do research on topics you do not fully comprehend, in particular, electricity, as well as take all the safety precautions.

1.   Broken Toilet Lever

This element may be fixed or replaced relatively easily. Try opening the tank and reconnecting the chain. This might solve the problem straight away. Otherwise, the issue may lie with broken parts or corrosion of the handle.

To replace any part of your flush system, you need a wrench that can be adjusted. Simply use a suitable replacement level kit, which is easy to find in your hardware store.

2.   Unclogging a Toilet

Try using a special toilet plunger (it should not be confused with a sink plunger). Add water into the bowl unless there is enough to cover its head. Next, thrust it down up to ten times. With most small clogs, this suffices to eliminate the blockage.

If you need heavier weapons, bring in the auger. The tool is more expensive but strong enough to handle serious clogs. Lower it into the bowl until it touches the clog. As the crank is being rotated, the clog should come out.

3.   Pipe Leaks

Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, leaking pipes are a common annoyance. They usually occur due to one of the following reasons: either your washer is worn out or the compression nut has broken.

Begin by blocking the water flow to the sink. Unless it is equipped with a special valve, you may need to go down to the basement for it. Next, put a bucket under the leaking pipe and unscrew the compression nuts.

What follows next depends on the damage. You may need to replace the whole P-trap, not just the washer. Remember to rinse the pipe out before screwing it back in.

4.   Jammed Garbage Disposal

Despite the hidden blades and weird noises coming from the unit, the task is easier than it seems. Begin by shutting it down – you may be able to unplug it from the wall or a special cabinet. 

Next, take an Allen wrench. Correct the position of the internal flywheel, which is hidden from plain sight. Place the tool in the hole found in the center of the bottom and rotate the flywheel. This should drive any jammed food down.

Clogging may also occur at the top. Reach out with a wooden dowel or pliers and deal with the blockage. For more information on tools, go to jonsguide.org. Finish by reconnecting to the outlet and running water through the unit. You may now turn it on.

diy home repairs

5.   Stuck Window

This is often caused by dirt. To unblock, apply a suitable lubricant like WD-40. You can use a pizza cutter or putty knife to pry the sash away from the frame. Clean thoroughly afterward.

Before deciding to repair something oneself, make sure that the task can be fulfilled by you. Otherwise, it would still be better to ask for professional assistance.


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