5 Fun and Simple Ways to Surprise Your Friend on Their Birthday

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Birthday surprise

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There are many ways you can show love to your friends. One of them is doing something special for them on their birthday. It even gets more special when you look for the perfect gift as a surprise.

However, pulling off a fun and simple surprise is not an easy thing. Most people struggle to find out the perfect surprise for their friends and some end up ruining the day instead of making it better.

Even though birthday surprises are fun, planning for the surprise is not. You have to make sure that your friend does not get wind of the surprise while at the same time trying to get the best gift for them.

To make it easier for you, here are fun and simple ways to surprise your friend on their birthday;

Car Caravan

Arranging for a car caravan is one of the simplest ways of surprising your friend on their birthday. This is especially good for friends who live a little bit far from where you live since you can take it as a mini road trip.

To make this surprise stand out, tell your mutual friends to make happy birthday signs and come with many posters. You can also get different types of decorations such as streamers and balloons.

Finally, make sure that you know where your friend is. You can even ask them to go to a specific place where the surprise will even be much better. Drive to that particular location with your friends and then surprise your friend.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt surprise requires a home, open space, or a park where you can set up a scavenger hunt. After making sure that everything has been set up, bring your friend and then show them the first clue.

That clue should take them through the park or open space hunting for the final surprise. Each of the clues should be about them, maybe their favorite meals, places, restaurants, or sport, among others.

In addition, each of the clues should bring them closer to the final destination where the surprise is. This way, you not only show your friend that you love them but also that you know a lot about them.

Make a Personalized Birthday Message

One of the best digital gifts you can surprise your friend with on their birthday is a personalized birthday message. This does not mean that you have to invest in taking professional videos and editing equipment.

You can use some online tools to learn how to make a birthday video message easily. Some of these tools even allow you to collect, request, and organize video clips from different people if you want to create a group video for your friend’s birthday.

Video content does not limit you. You can make a witty, sentimental, serious, or even a funny birthday video. After making the video, find the best way of presenting it to your friend. The best way would be to play in the middle of their birthday party.

Surprise Trip

You can also surprise your friend with a getaway or even a camping trip on their birthday. The most important thing when planning for a getaway or camping trip is to make sure that your friend does not get to know about it.

Identify a nearby location (you can also go to a far place if you want), make the booking, and then wait for the day. 

When it finally arrives, pack your bags and show up at your friend’s house ready to embark on the journey with them. Ensure that you have all the essentials for the best camping experience if you are going camping.

You, however, need to make sure that you have their schedule before booking the getaway or camping trip. This is not only good for friends but also partners and loved ones.

Decoration Bomb

Apart from being a fun and simple surprise for your friend on their birthday, a decoration bomb can also qualify as a prank. It requires you to use things such as lights, balloons, signs, posters, and streamers to cover something that belongs to your friend in decorations.

You need to make sure that they do not get a clue about what you are doing. They should also not find you doing it. When the friend arrives, they will be surprised by the number of decorations and where they (the decorations) came from.

To make this surprise much better, you can use decorations that they love or that signify an important day or aspect of their life. Even though they might be left with a lot of cleaning to do, this is a perfect surprise for your friend on their birthday.

If you want to surprise your friend on their birthday, you can be assured of doing one of the things discussed above and making them enjoy their day.


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