OTT British App Comparison for Australian Users

Are you an Australian user with a penchant for British television and movies? If so, you’re in luck! Thanks to the rise of Over-The-Top (OTT) apps, accessing captivating British content has never been easier for Australian audiences.

Explore the top three OTT British apps available to Australian users, with a particular emphasis on the highly sought-after BBC iPlayer app.

In this blog post, we will discover and compare the top most OTT British apps available to Australian users, providing you with valuable insights to enhance your entertainment experience. Whether you’re a fan of thrilling dramas, hilarious comedies, or mind opening documentaries, these apps bring the very best of British programming right to your fingertips.

OTT British App Comparison

If you’re an Australian user, you might be wondering how to sate your demands for well-liked British television programmes, enduring documentaries, and acclaimed movies. The world of OTT apps holds the solution and you will also get to know about how to get BBC iPlayer on iPhone in Australia without getting any interruption.

We’ll concentrate on three well-known OTT British applications that are accessible to Australian users in our comparison. Each platform App offers a unique selection of shows, movies, and additional features, catering to different preferences and viewing habits.

3 Best OTT Apps

Here is the comparison of 3 apps by examining their specifications, reasons to buy, and potential drawbacks. We aim to provide you with the necessary insights to choose the best app for an immersive British entertainment experience on your smartphone.

BBC iPlayer – The King of British Content

Few free services offer more breadth of content than BBC iPlayer. Originally launched on 27 July 2007, BBC programming was available to download on PC for up to a week after transmission. Now, iPlayer is the home of Peaky Blinder, Killing Eve, Doctor Who, BBC radio programming.

The feature-rich OTT app BBC iPlayer provides a wide selection of British TV series, documentaries, films, and live broadcasts from several BBC channels. Australian users of the app enjoy an amazing streaming experience thanks to its user-friendly UI and easy navigation.

All you need to access BBC iPlayer in the UK is a TV licence and a free account that you may create. Almost all connected TVs, gaming consoles, set-top boxes, and streamers in the UK, along with Freest, Sky, Virgin Media, and YouView, support iPlayer.

  • The BBC iPlayer is compatible with a wide range of devices such as iPhone, MAC OS, Android, PS5, Xbox Series X and S, Roku, Kodi, Smart TV’s and many more.
  • Access free trial when you log in or sign up.
  • Free of cost streaming platform required only Valid TV licence.
Reason to Buy
  • Extensive library of British TV shows, documentaries, and films.
  • Personalized recommendations based on viewing habits.
  • Up-to-date episodes, ensuring you never miss your favourite shows.
Reason To Avoid:
  • Some content may be restricted to viewers within the UK.
  • Requires a stable internet connection for streaming.

Disney+ Best OTT App for Family

Despite not claiming to be your primary streaming choice, Disney+ has a lot to offer. The library has expanded significantly since the service’s introduction in Australia, but its main selling point is its sizable family-friendly collection.

The launch of Star in 2021 significantly broadened the Disney+ line up by tripling the library and adding more programming geared toward adults.

Disney+  cost in Australia increased once more in December 2022; it is now either AU$13.99 per month or AU$139.99 per year. This happened at the same time the service launched a less expensive ad-supported tier in the US, so there’s a fair probability Australian audiences will soon have this choice.

  • You can stream Disney+ on a wide selection of devices such as Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Google Chromecast, PS5, Xbox Series X&S and many more.
  • Disney+ doesn’t offer any free trial.
  • It will cost you between US$7.99 per month – US$10.99 per month.
Reason to Buy
  • Excellent content base mostly focused on family shows.
  • 4K is a standard inclusion.
  • The cost is very reasonable.
Reason To Avoid
  • The greatest originals are yet to come.
  • Star offers more mature stuff.

Amazon Prime Video – Best Selection of Popular Films and TV

An OTT (Over-The-Top) streaming service called Amazon Prime Video is a component of the broader Amazon Prime subscription package. With its large library of on-demand content, which includes well-known TV shows, blockbuster movies, and exclusive Amazon Originals, Prime Video has established itself as a top choice for those who like entertainment.

The portal offers a large choice of British TV episodes and movies in addition to an excellent assortment of regional and international content. With a platform to enjoy the greatest of British entertainment, Amazon Prime Video offers a selection of well-loved oldies, highly acclaimed dramas, and comedies.

The expanding library of exclusive Amazon Originals is one of Amazon Prime Video’s unique characteristics. These creative productions have won praise from the critics and have grown to be the main draws for streamers. Amazon Prime Originals provide distinctive and intriguing content that distinguishes the platform, ranging from award-winning shows.

  • Wide range of devices are comparable like iPhone, Android, Smart TVs, Chromecast, Apple TV and many more.
  • Offer 30 Days free trial period.
  • Use one account simultaneously on 3 devices.
  • Price of the Amazon Prime is between US$14.99 per month – US$139 Per year
Reason To Buy
  • The Amazon originals content.
  • Fantastic choice of films.
  • Separate children’s contents.
  • a large selection of movies.
Reason To Avoid
  • Not as user-friendly as Netflix’s interface


In this guid, we have explored the realm of British entertainment accessible to Australian users through Over-The-Top (OTT) apps. The highly acclaimed BBC iPlayer app, with its extensive library and personalized recommendations, stands as a frontrunner in delivering captivating British content to streamers on their iPhone.

Additionally, platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ offer a wealth of international and regional content, including a diverse selection of British TV shows and movies. Let these OTT apps be your gateway to the captivating charm of British television and movies, bringing the richness of British culture and storytelling straight to your iPhone in Australia


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