5 Fun Things To Do On A Quick Visit To The Outer Banks, North Carolina

words Alexa Wang

Whether you are going to the Outer Banks for a company retreat or for a quick getaway, you want to make the most out of your trip.

And that can’t happen without some idea of what you want to accomplish.

Although the Outer Banks and the entire NC, have all the beautiful attractions for travelers, on a quick visit, we’ll have to be picky. In this post, we hope to make that easier for you.

Here’s a list of five fun things that you can do on your quick visit to the Outer Banks.

1. First Things First, Book an Oceanfront Rental

When you are running short of time, it becomes even more important to enjoy every moment to the fullest.

By booking a luxury oceanfront rental you will be helping yourself do that.

These vacation homes are generally very spacious. They can easily house your entire family (even extended). They have an attached kitchen, along with a big living room where you and your family/friends can sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Apart from this, as the name suggests, oceanfront rentals allow quick and easy access to the beach. So, you can start and end your days immersing in the serenity of the beach.

2. Water Sports At the North Beach Water Sports

If you can carve out two to three hours of your time, be sure to attempt some of their famous water sports. The North Beach Water Sports club is one of the most popular in and around the Outer Banks if you want to get a kayak boat or anything else.

The three owners hold a combined expertise of over fifteen years around watersports and parasailing, which allows them to offer unmatchable safety and awesome experience.

From kayaking to fishing, jet skiing and paddleboarding, they have it all.

You can also find kayaking and waterfall sports spots around you. For people traveling with their family, Family Water Adventures is the perfect spot.

3. Take a Night Walk On the Beach 

If you are a fan of late-night walks with your partner or friends, you will fall in love with the beaches of the Outer Banks.

They are clean, beautiful, and charmed by the nearby lighthouses.

Even the beanstalk without lighthouses are lit by the lights from other towers, and so they beautify the experience.

You can also sit down at the beach with your group and enjoy your favorite drinks.

4. Go to The Jockey’s Ridge

Do you like the idea of air-gliding but haven’t had the chance to do it?

Now’s the time. The Jockey’s Ridge is a huge state adventure park engulfing an area of over 426 acres.

The place is popular for its gliding experiences and the highest sand dune in the entire Eastern Coastal region.

Regardless of the time of the year that you visit this place, you may easily find some good offers on various hang gliding programs that they offer.

You can also have a great time flying kites. If you wish to collect souvenirs, you’ll find them at the museum.

5. Alligator River Kayak Adventure

For those who have an affinity towards the rivers and water creatures, the Alligator River adventure is a must do.

The duration for this adventure is two hours, where you’ll encounter turtles, alligators, and other creatures of the sea.

For the tour, you will get a kayak boat that you can ride with a partner.

If you are in luck, you may also find black bears, endangered red wolves, snowy egrets, and great blue herons.

There’s a lot that you can do on your trip to the Outer Banks, but with time constraints, the need for picking some and skipping other activities arises.

Have a great time exploring!


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