Pantone 2021: 5 Outfit Ideas with the Color of the Year

words Alexa Wang

2020 seems like it is a year that has outlasted all of the past years. It has definitely been a year that we will not forget. With the new year coming it is time to brighten up our moods with the announcement of the Pantone color of the year 2021! Freshen up your wardrobe with new color inspiration while using a SHEIN coupon 2020.

A new year means a new start, and Pantone has given everyone a small spark of hope by announcing Ultimate Gray and Illuminating as the color of the year. The color of the year isn’t simply about wearing a color because it is in fashion. It is about taking the significance behind the selection into consideration, and seeing it through the whole year in an artistic way; whether it be by clothes, home decor, or other means. After a year like 2020, where being closed in and separated from family and friends, this marriage of colors promises unity, peace, and brighter days ahead.

Pantone 2021

While we hope the year 2021 encourages us to leave our couches and get back out there, what better way to support the color of the year by dressing our best? They say that getting dressed and showing up is half the battle. Getting dressed and ready for the day, even when you have no plans, can tremendously increase your mood and inner spirit. Surrounding yourself with optimism and beautifully important colors is the perfect way to start your day.

If you like to keep in cool by wearing neutral colors then why not try accessorizing with a pop of color? Take your everyday gray work trousers and blazer and add an illuminating yellow blouse. Make your classic gray handbag look like new by tying a yellow silk scarf at the handle for an extra special touch.

Step up your casual wear and be bold by sporting an illuminating yellow blazer on top of your favorite graphic tee and skinny leg jeans. Break out those Ultimate Gray pumps. This look will surely brighten anyone’s day that passes you by.

When your workouts start to become redundant and repetitive, lighten your load and illuminate with the pantone color of the year. These colors will without a doubt give you resilience and encourage you to keep going. When you feel like giving in and want to throw in the towel, push through and finish those last few seconds or that last repetition. Being dressed well makes you feel good, especially when it comes to working out. It gives you that extra motivation on those lazy days. Grab your easy gray track suit and throw on a sunny yellow sports bra and running sneakers.

This combination of the Pantone color of the year symbolizes strong and vibrant. When it comes to evening wear, don’t get stuck in a rut with the same old little black dress. Intensify the Ultimate Gray with some sparkling sequins and strappy yellow heels.

Impress your friends at get-togethers or back to school by sporting these colors in a new way. Dress head to toe with a coordinating tweed or plaid mini skirt and top in Ultimate Gray and Illuminating yellow. Follow the latest fashion trends by adding a chic scarf headband in contrasting patterns. A look like this will definitely bring positivity to the classroom. You can keep the look casual with sneakers or dress it up by wearing knee-high boots. When you take notice of the things you wear, you can really make a difference in how your day goes. Put your best face, and self, forward with these uplifting Pantone colors for 2021.


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