Party Photo booths: Hard copy selfie fun at your bash

Summer party season is well underway, and with a couple of events in the planning stages, we’re voting for Imperial Photo Booths to bring some serious hard copy selfie fun to the bash. Afterall, it seems party photo booths are a must-have at events these days; but why in the age of Instagram and Snapchat are these descendants from another age so popular?



Some of us will remember photo booths in Woolworths or on the railway concourse; photos taken for passports or bus-passes; or by a gaggle of teens cramming into the space for that fabulous group close-up. They are still there if you look hard enough. Yes – vintage photo booths do still exist, but if you are organising an event of any kind, you should definitely check out the new, high-tech versions. With digital technology, you’re getting an instant, glossy, memoir of you and your friends. In your hands – not virtual-never-to-be-seen again.

I’ve been to a couple of events recently that have hired photo booths, and there’s no doubt people love them (you can always tell by the queues and I was in them!). But on top of that, the photos I walked away with are there; stood on my desk and mantelpiece; making me grin when I need to on that really busy day. Because let’s face it, how often do you actually hold a printed photo in your hands in this virtual world? And that’s the point.

Photo booths these days are digital and portable. With Imperial Photo Booth based in Manchester you get your printed photo in seconds. The booths can be themed for weddings or private parties to suit your event from James Bond or New York. You get props – think silly glasses, huge hats and inflatable guitars. You can get green screen so that the photo subjects are transported to Brooklyn or Paris or the moon! You can collect the images in a guest book to get a real life record of your party and guests. And if you can’t get over the need to share, electronic copies are there too, so you can actually still upload and socialise and tag as much as you like.

We can’t wait to see the photos from our party. It is that instantaneous capture of the mood, whether it’s a gang of friends cramming in there, or a lone poseur. It says a lot about how we have fun and to have captured that in a tangible print is priceless.

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