Tips to pass Microsoft 70-480 exam and gain MCSA certification

Tips to Pass Microsoft 70-480 Exam and Gain MCSA Certification

Technology is evolving and so are the skills required to keep abreast with the changes. The web app developers of today aren’t the same as that of the early 2000s. Their roles have evolved as technology and business needs change. If you want to validate your prowess in modern web application development, consider earning a Microsoft certification and passing the required exams.

It should be mentioned that to meet the requirements of the changing world of IT, Microsoft has also reviewed its certification program. Originally, IT professionals and developers would take an MCP exam to validate their skills and become a Microsoft Certified Professional. Today, these exams have been grouped into related job roles and one has to pursue a role-based learning track to gain a certification and become an MCP. Although currently there are there levels at which the credentials are offered (fundamental, associate, and expert), some of the already existed certifications that refer to the MTA, MCSA, MCSE, and MCSD levels are still valid, and the MCSA Web Applications is one of them. There are two exams you should do to earn the related certification.They are 70-480 or 70-483. And this article is devoted to 70-480 test.

The Path to MCSA Certification: Web Applications

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate is an entry-level credential that shows that you have basic skills and knowledge in technology. The MCSA certification in Web applications covers C#, Mobile Apps, Visual Studio, .NET, and Framework 4.5 technologies. The related topics are covered and tested in three different exams, that are available on this track. For you to earn the MSCA Web Applications credential, first of all, you have to pass either 70-480 (programming in HTML5) or 70-483 (programming in C#) exam and then 70-486 (creating ASP.NET MVC Web Applications).

Before you sit for any of these exams, it is recommended that you have foundational knowledge in IT. So, if you are just a beginner who has not performed any IT role for at least a year, you should consider earning the MTA certification to be confident in your skills and to get a passing score at the required exams. The good news is that once you receive your MCSA credential, you can broaden your skills as a developer by pursuing the MCSD App Builder certification.

The Details of Microsoft 70-480 Exam: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

As the name suggests, you will be learning how to program in HTML5. You will be using two programming languages namely JavaScript and CSS3. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills on how to write and implement HTML code that can manipulate file structures and objects. It is crucial to note that about 20 to 25% of exam questions will test your knowledge in this area.

The exam will also test your skills in implementing a program flow. Under this topic, you will learn how to use switch statements such as if/then to influence program decisions. Other skills acquired here include raising and handling an event, implementing asynchronous programming, creating a web worker process and others. The questions in the exam testing this knowledge are approximately 25-35%.

You should also expect to find about 25-30% of questions testing your skills in using CSS3 in styling applications. For instance, you should master how to style HTML box or text properties such as appearance and font using CSS3. To complete other tasks, you need to gain skills in using CSS3 including structuring CSS files, finding elements and creating flexible content layouts.

The fourth bit about the course for this certification teaches how to access and secure information with the help of HTML5 elements. You learn how to retrieve, load, request, and transmit data, as well as handle different types of data and validate user input. About 25-30% questions in the exam tests this topic.

This exam will cost you $165 and is delivered online by Pearson VUE. To grasp the concepts easier, candidates are recommended to have 1-3 months experience in developing web applications using simple JavaScript codes, 1-month working experience in developing Windows client apps and 1-month practical exposure to Visual Studio 2017.

Tips for Passing

  1. Know what’s expected of you

The information provided here enables you to prepare properly for your test. Consider when you want to take the exam and book it in good time. Then, set time to learn and test the concepts mentioned above before sitting for the main exam. This will increase your chances of passing.

  • Choose a suitable study option

Microsoft offers several study options for candidates sitting for 70-480 exam. You may choose to study online by listening to a recorded instructor or registering for the on-demand training. If you can set time for a classroom session, find out if there is a Microsoft training partner within your area offering this course. It’s also possible to prepare on your own using Microsoft’s training content, among other resources.

  • Choose your resources wisely

Microsoft’s learning store and community area avail numerous exam preparation resources. Whether you are studying on your own or with an instructor, using these resources will give you an edge. These resources are designed to ensure you gain in-depth training and hands-on experience thanks to their practical labs. Microsoft’s training content includes instructor-led training, exam prep video, self-paced training, and a practice test.

In addition, you can also consider books. Actually, some will come in handy even for other certifications. For your exam reference, you can use Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript &CSS3,publishedonAugust 15, 2014, and for the training, use the guide Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3,publishedon March 15, 2013. You can purchase these two books at the Microsoft Press Store or on Amazon website.

It’s important to mention that there are also other reliable exam preparation resources that you can use. Remember, most of the Microsoft materials mentioned above come at a fee and you may want to save a coin on your training. So, check the Examsnap website to get the most valid and updated material for your certification exam. Thus, Examsnap offers a collection of actual test questions uploaded by people who have taken the exam recently. Using this resource can give you a clear idea of what to expect in your final exam.


Acing your Microsoft 70-480 exam is important as it boosts your chances of becoming a web developer or web administrator. Though it is the first step on your way of getting the MCSA Web Applications credential it will open exciting avenues for your career in developing applications. In addition, this certification serves as a gateway to becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. Thus, you will work with good companies, get a promotion and a better salary. So, to enjoy these benefits, be well-prepared for your 70-480 test first with best materials offered by Microsoft and Examsnap.


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