How older people adopting new technology is changing lives

How older people adopting new technology is changing lives – words Amy Watkins

There’s a stereotype that senior citizens aren’t tech-savvy or even willing to learn how to use the latest high-tech gadgets.

But in fact there is an increasing number of older people adopting new technology throughout their golden years, according to Pew Research Center. Their latest research reveals that four-in-ten adults ages 65 own smartphones and roughly 67 percent of seniors use the internet.

Tech adoption among seniors is about much more than just keeping up with the times. Adapting to technological change can actually help older people. Elderly people can learn to help themselves. Many of the latest smartphone apps and gadgets have the ability to dramatically improve a senior’s quality of life. During a time when many become isolated as independence dwindles. Here are some ways adapting to new technology can help seniors improve their quality of life:


As aging seniors quit driving for safety reasons, many want an option for rides that helps them to maintain some independence. Many people do not want to have to rely on family, friends and neighbors to help them get around. Since taxi services can be expensive and unreliable, rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft offer a viable, more affordable alternative. With credit card information securely on file through the respective apps, seniors also don’t have to worry about getting to the bank for cash to pay for the ride. Older people adopting new technology can save themselves money this way.

Meal Delivery

Cooking can be a tedious task at any age, but for seniors with health issues, it can be downright impossible at times. Meal delivery apps like Doordash and Uber Eats help expand the options beyond a bowl of cereal or a frozen TV dinner. Get a wide array of meals delivered in less than an hour. Not only is this service convenient, but it can also offer health benefits for seniors who have certain dietary restrictions. For many, these kinds of restrictions can make the already-difficult task of meal planning and cooking seem downright impossible. Access to a variety of meal options with minimal effort can make it that much more manageable to adopt new dietary changes for health reasons.

Medical Alert

A call to get help can mean the difference between life and death for elder people. Whether it’s after a fall or when chest pains occur, signaling for medical assistance right away is key. This is why sophisticated medical alert devices like the Lively Mobile are essential to have for those over 65. This small, discreet medical alert system can be worn around the neck or clipped to clothing. It provides GPS location to get help to the user’s location quickly in the event of an emergency.

Grocery Delivery

While some seniors may look forward to the socialization they get from weekly trips to the grocery store, many would rather have someone else do their shopping for them. But for people who don’t have friends or family members who can drive them around on a regular basis, this isn’t a viable option. Instead, seniors can turn to grocery delivery services.

The options have grown plentiful over the years. Some local supermarket chains offer online shopping and grocery delivery. Amazon Now, Amazon Prime, Instacart and Postmates are additional online services and apps that make it easy to get nearly anything that you need delivered right to your home at the touch of a button.

Today’s seniors are learning to adopt technology. In turn, it’s helping to make their lives easier, safer and more enjoyable.

How older people adopting new technology is changing lives – words Amy Watkins





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