What to Prepare for Your Next Fishing Trip?

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Fishing Trip

A day fishing is a day well spent. There is nothing quite like sitting beside a lake on a summer’s day, a gentle breeze softly blowing your hair, the sound of crickets chirping, and the tranquillity it offers.

Fishing is loved by all for its therapeutic qualities. And, when you finally hook a fish, there is nothing like the feeling you get from wrestling it into the shore and taking a photograph with it. Yes, fishing truly is the sport of all sports. Loved by the old, and by the young, fishing has been with man since his inception. 

Whether you eat them or cut them loose, fishing is a brilliant way to spend a hot afternoon, and a brilliant way to bond with friends and family.

Always Know What You are Fishing For!

Whenever you are planning a fishing trip, it is important to know what exactly you are fishing for. According to the professionals, knowing the species you’re chasing can make all of the difference. Fly-fishing a lake abundant with carp is not going to work, nor is float fishing for Pike! You have to firstly be very specific about what it is you are seeking to catch, as different lures catch different fish.

Halibut fishing, for instance, requires very different equipment than bass fishing. The experts from adventuresinalaskacharters.com can explain why should get heavy-duty gear due to the size and strength of this fish. Whereas bass is a much lighter fish, therefore requiring different gear. Also, the location where you are fishing matters, as it can dictate which type of fish is available. So, before planning your trip, make sure to do some research on the location and the specific species that inhabit it.

Do Not Forget Your Antiseptic!

This cannot be stressed enough. Any fisherman will regularly hook himself at least twice every time he goes fishing. If the hook has been in the water, or worse, a fish’s mouth, it can be a harbinger of disease and viruses. Weil’s Disease is on an increase, and while it is uncommon, it still happens regularly enough for our government to issue severe warnings about it in our waterways. Weil’s Disease can kill you. It is recommended when going fishing you bring antiseptic and plasters so you can immediately dress a wound after an accidental hooking. As fishing wounds are often puncture wounds, it is recommended to address them immediately at risk of any infections.

Consider Going On A Fishing Charter

You might have an idea of where you’d like to go fishing. However, guided fishing trips can be a much better idea if you’re new to fishing or can’t seem to find some good locations in your area.

They can be incredibly helpful for people new to fishing especially, as the people that run those charters can give you some hints and tips to improve your chances of getting the right amount of fish.

Create Your Own Fish Bombs!

You can make your own fish bombs at home, did you know? With sweetcorn, bread, mealworms, and make-your-own-fish-bomb plastic capsules, you can cut down on money spent on expensive fish bombs. Oftentimes, fish bombs can cost in excess of fifteen to twenty dollars for a medium sized bag, so you should definitely consider getting a do it yourself kit!

Why Don’t You Try Out Reflective Glasses?

Did you know that if you purchase a pair of reflective glasses you will be able to see through the water’s surface and identify which parts of the lake are harbouring fish? These glasses are to a certain extent X-ray and can penetrate rays in the water’s surface that make it murky and dark, making it easy to identify your next catch!

my Fishing Trip

Bring Extra Hooks!

There is nothing like the melancholy you feel after losing your last hook to a runaway fish on a trip. In the middle of nowhere, with no tackle shops around, your last hook in the mouth of a fish disappearing into the reeds, you would understandably be furious. It has happened to me more times than I can count. It is important to always have an extra box of hooks, lure, and cylinders, just in case you lose your line!

Bring a Chair!

Have you ever been on a fishing trip with your buddies and they have all got a new fancy chair with cup-holders and you are sitting on the grass? It happened to me! Do not be that guy, go out and get yourself a fishing chair. You can pick them up second hand for next to nothing, so you have no excuse not to go and get one right now! Impress your buddies by turning up in a state-of-the-art fishing lounger!

Don’t Forget That Packed Lunch!

You’re sitting beside the lake, certain you’re about to reel in the biggest catch of the day, and you get that familiar hunger twang. Don’t be the guy who has to travel to a store and buy food only to return and find the best spot on the lake has been taken by a family who aren’t even fishing! Make sure you bring a packed lunch, and anytime you eat make sure you wash and thoroughly disinfect your hands, so you don’t contaminate your food with any bacteria.

Make sure as was previously mentioned to exercise complete safety in line with government legislation and guidelines directed toward fishermen. Fishing can be a great sport, and a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous for you and the ecosystem if you’re not handling the fish properly. You should always carry fish disinfectant, too, so that if the fish starts bleeding you can disinfect it’s wound. Carry your own, too. Lakes are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, and it isn’t worth losing your life over a day’s fishing. Just be careful.


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