Fashionable living room decor ideas on a budget

Fashionable living room decor ideas on a budget

When it comes to decorating your home, your living room is one space that matters. This is one of the rooms that will see lots of use for both you and your whole family.

Whether you’re chilling out and watching a movie or simply relaxing there when you get the chance, your living room is a key space to get right.

It is also one of the rooms in your house that all your visitors will see and spend time in. Everyone wants to impress any family or friends they have over, and getting your décor stunning in this key room will help greatly.

Of course, you may be wanting to decorate your living room to achieve this but not have masses of spare money to do it. This shouldn’t hold you back though! There are many superb living room décor ideas open to you when working to a budget. All will look amazing and give the impression that you have spent far more than you have.


Awesome ways to decorate your living room on a budget 

If you do not have much spare money to spend on expensive items, then do not despair. You can still get a fashionable and luxurious feel without breaking the bank. Here are some outstanding ideas to get you started.

Elegant shutters 

If you want an easy and inexpensive way to really freshen up your living room décor, then finding alternatives to curtains or standard blinds is key. Classy and eye-catching shutters are the best way to do this and do not cost lots. Café-style shutters are a very popular style currently as they allow plenty of light into the room, look amazing, and stop passersby from peering inside your home.

Gallery wall  

This is a great tip that many interior designers use when getting that wow factor with smaller budgets. Simply buy some inexpensive yet stylish photo frames and place some family photos or posters in them. When you mount the frames on your living room wall in any arrangement you like, you’ll have an instant blast of unique style in the space but without the sky-high price.

Flowers and plants  

Another inexpensive way to add to your living room décor is using flowers or plants. Not only will they look sublime and add colour, but they will also help to freshen up the whole feel of your living room. When you factor in that they also help to purify the air in your home and add their own particular gorgeous scent to the air, it is easy to see why this is a popular décor tip used by many on a budget.

Romantic candles  

If you want to make the décor in your living room a little more warm, cosy and romantic, then stunning candles are the answer. If you house them in elegant yet inexpensive vases or holders, then you will really up the ante. Candles are not expensive to buy when you consider how long they last, and will give those darker winter nights a real atmospheric feel when lit. If you buy ones that are scented with exotic fragrances such as coconut or rose, then they will also make your living room smell amazing.

Statement rug 

Although some rugs can undoubtedly be expensive, you can easily find stunning-looking ones that are not. A rug of this kind can help you stick to your budget and also add some serious glamour or warm texture to your living room. Just be sure to pick one that fits in with your overall décor in the room and that is big enough to make an impact when people walk in.

Jaw-dropping feature wall  

Although this home décor tip has been around for a while, there is no doubt that creating one feature wall in your living room works. The blast that one block of colour gives compared to the other walls is really impressive. For those on a budget, it is great as you only need one tin of paint to do it! Simply choose an eye-catching colour that works with the other walls and your living room furnishings to get the full effect.

Get fashionable home décor for your living room  

If you are looking for truly amazing ways to make your living room more fashionable while working to a budget, then the above are great tips. Not only will they not cost much, but they will also work to make your living room a stunning place to spend time in. The only limit is your imagination!



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