Larry Lamb on a cultural adventure as he cruises the Med

Larry Lamb on a cultural adventure as he cruises the Med – words Alexa Wang

As a cruise ship hits each port then it’s up to the passengers which way they want to play it. Some choose to slap on some more sun screen and stay by the pool.

Others take the boat to the port, shuffle around the tourist shops and then get back on board. Increasingly though many cruisers want to get a real flavour of the local culture.

In fact, a recent study found out that we Brits feel happier when meeting people from different cultures and a cruise is a perfect time to do just that. Recently Larry Lamb, who needs no introduction after gracing our TV screens for decades, was issued a challenge by Thomson Cruises. Would he be up for embarking on a voyage of discovery, a cultural adventure across the Mediterranean?

His first port of call was Barcelona that thriving and cosmopolitan Catalan city. He was sailing on the TUI Discovery 2, one of their newest and largest cruise ships. His aim – to get to sample the essence of each stop and get to meet locals – his Cruise Mates so to speak. Larry set off from the ship to discover some of the city’s authentic arts and culture.

The taxi driver recommended the world famous Boqueria market which is a feast for the senses of noise, people and flavours. He got to chat to local hero Junaito owner of Bar Pinotxo, which he runs with his nephew. His tapas is loved throughout the city and Larry gets to try some as he chats with Junaito. Dressed in his signature vest and red bow tie, Junaito then recommends that Larry head to Palau Dalmases to soak up some real flamenco dance and music.

He meets up with Christine Blanco Eslava and Raphael who live and breathe the real spirit of flamenco. He even gets to join in with some percussion on the Cajon, a wooden box instrument, as Christine shows him how it’s done. This is their passion and Larry is pleased to be invited into their world.

Then it’s back to the ship. Next port of call Palma, Mallorca.

You can follow Larry on his cultural adventure at plus find cruise adventures and cruise ship prices for yourself.

Larry Lamb on a cultural adventure as he cruises the Med – words Alexa Wang


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