Vaping as the first step to quit smoking: Does it really work?

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The comparatively short history of vaping is full of bright events: the device has undergone thousands of transformations, but it still captures the attention of millions of people.

However, a question in the heads of the society that had arisen when the device was invented still remains unchanged. The problem is whether the vape pen (now mod or pod) can help with giving up the smoking habit.

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The Historic Background

The invention of an electronic cigarette was a long process. The first ideas can be traced back to the beginning of the previous century. However, the real prototype of the modern vaping device was discovered only at the beginning of this century. In 2001, Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, presented his tool.

The inventor noted that he was inspired to create this device to help people, who smoke, because of a personal tragedy. This tragedy was his father’s death. The man’s father died from lung cancer because of years of smoking. Hon Lik quitted himself and tried to create a device that would change many more lives.

The Present Scene

The modern vaping device is slightly different from the one developed by Hon Lik, though it still shares the same idea of functioning as well as some promotional ideas. Online vape store (such as vapingdaily) can always offer you the best vape pen that is going to help you give up smoking. The only question is whether it works efficiently.

Vaping and Smoking: Antagonists or Protagonists?

To date, many people would claim that vaping is as dangerous as smoking. They would try to assure you that all the promises to help you quit are fake. They would stress that vaping devices lack of credibility. They would try to reason you into the fact that e-liquid bought in an online vape shop could harm you twice as much as cigarettes. The number of points is innumerable.

However, the adepts of modern hobby (especially young people) support the idea of the founder of e-cigarettes. They can list many points in favor of the use of vaping devices as a way to smokeless life.

The first point is that when consuming vaping devices, a person can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine consumption and accustom oneself to lesser doses of it. Obviously, when doing so, a vaper gets several health advantages. At the same time, some disadvantages are present as well. The most evident are the harmful effects of vaping on your respiratory system.

Also, there exist many research and experiments on the influence of vaping on other systems, including immune, digestive, reproductive, and cardiovascular ones. Mental health also suffers.

Overall, there is not enough proof that vaping instead of smoking can improve a person’s health conditions. However, there exists a scientific work on the efficiency of vaping in the process of quitting smoking. It supports vaping as the way of nicotine replacement that a smoker can use to leave. The findings of the research are quite interesting, but cannot be representative of the whole world. The problem that was unveiled by the experiment is that those people, who gave up smoking in favor of vaping, have just changed to vaping.

The reasons for the success of such a change include:

  • the easiness of the process (the starter hits are user-friendly); 
  • its popularity (allows becoming a popular guy in certain      circles); 
  • being   rather cheap in comparison to smoking in a long term perspective; 
  • accessibility (you can find everything needed in any vape shop online);
  • variety (just buy dozens of flavors of vape juice online or use other substances from the best online vape store).
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Quitting Smoking: Alternatives to Vaping

In case you are thrilled about giving up smoking, you can use a vaping device as a means of gradual reduction of nicotine consumption levels. However, this cannot become more than just the first step. The other strategies that have been scientifically proved and practically used include:

  • Behavioral therapy, which is a method used for any addiction treatment. The recommended procedure includes individual counseling and appointments with a therapist.
  • Consumption of medicaments, which can help to overcome the urge to consume nicotine. Usually, varenicline (Chantix) or bupropion (Zyban) are used, but in order to choose the perfect one, a patient needs an individual consultation with the doctor.
  • Nicotine replacement theory, which can include vaping. However, the main point here is the use of either long-acting nicotine patches or short-acting nicotine gums. The difference is that by the usage of gums and patches, you get rid of the habit to smoke, but by the usage of vape pens, you get rid of the addiction to nicotine firstly.

Vaping: the Main Condition to Make it Useful

Getting back to vaping as the first step to quitting smoking, there are some unique pieces of advice. The most important thing about vaping in this situation is that you cannot do it rapidly. Vaping takes time if you are eager to quit smoking. Before giving up the habit of ‘have a cig into your mouth’, you have to get rid of the nicotine addiction.

Slow down! Decrease the level of nicotine slightly. You can order several liquids of different strengths in the online vape store and experiment for a while. Dropping down the nicotine level is not an easy thing. It requires insistence, accuracy, patience, and moderation. It is better to find a friend, consult a therapist, or at least note your result down into a particular app.

Vaping: Does it Really Work?

Despite the significant number of negative effects of vaping devices usage, the practice is convenient and can help give up smoking. The main benefit of vaping is that the brain is deluded by the iterative process, whereas you get the opportunity to control the amount of nicotine used. Therefore, vaping is one of the methods of fighting with a smoking habit. However, the most efficient is to consult a doctor and choose a complex therapy.


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