5 Top Questions To Ask A Linux Developer During An Interview

words Alexa Wang

There are several top questions to ask a Linux developer during an interview. Importantly, Linux is one of the most popular open source platforms for computer programmers. With strong versatility, cyber security, and free accessibility some of the largest organizations in the world are hiring Linux developers.

As a recruiter in the tech industry, you need to know the best Linux interview questions to ask when screening developer candidates. This way, you can find the most knowledgeable, skilled employee to fill your company’s Linux developer position.  Read on to discover the top questions to ask a Linux developer during an interview.

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What Is The Difference Between Linux And UNIX?

First, it is essential to ask, “What is the difference between Linux and UNIX?” This is a great Linux question for interviewers because you can test the candidate’s knowledge of two different subjects at the same time. As your interviewee answers, you should look for them to say that UNIX is the operating system that Linux is based on. In addition, they may point out that Linux is free and open source. Primarily, it is community developed, whereas UNIX was developed by larger tech companies. Your prospective Linux developers may bring up the advantages of Linux as well. For example, it usually has more user interfaces, programming options, and fewer viruses.

What Tools Can You Use To Build Embedded Linux Systems?

Next, you should ask your job candidate what tools they use to build embedded Linux systems. Notably, many embedded Linux systems are used on top tech devices such as smart TVs, routers, and tablet PCs. Therefore, it is crucial for developers to know the best build tools. For example, many developers use Buildroot to automate the Linux distribution generation process. Importantly, Buildroot focuses on simplicity, which makes it easier to learn than other embedded system build tools. In addition, developers can use it to produce small custom image files for embedded systems such as RaspberryPi. In short, it is essential to ask about the proper tools to find developers who can build embedded Linux systems for top tech devices.

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What Are The Basic Components Of Linux?

In addition, you should also ask your prospective Linux developer if they know the basic components of Linux. Undoubtedly, this is a great way to test their fundamental knowledge. Simultaneously, you give the interviewee an opportunity to demonstrate how much they know. When the job candidate answers, make sure they discuss the kernel. This the core component of the Linux operating system. Additionally, it is essential to manage hardware resources for system users. Of course, Linux developers should also know about the system library and system utility. Importantly, the system libraries implement operating system functionalities. On the other hand, the system utility programs are responsible for performing more specialized tasks. Absolutely, asking these critical questions will help you find your ideal job candidate.

What Is LILO?

Moreover, you should also ask your Linux developer job candidates, “What is LILO?” Importantly, LILO stands for Linux Loader. It works to load the Linux operating system into the main memory to begin execution. Typically, most computers come with boot loaders for certain versions of Windows or Mac OS. When users want to use the Linux operating system, they usually need to install a special boot loader for it. When the user starts the computer, BIOS typically conducts initial tests and transfers control to the Master Boot Record. Then, LILO loads the operating system to start it. For developers, LILO can offer a faster boot of the Linux system.

What Is A Swap Space?

Furthermore, it is essential to ask your prospective Linux developers what a swap space is. Often, many developers use a swap space when they have do not have enough RAM space in their system. If the system needs more memory and the RAM is full, developers can move inactive memory pages into the swap space. Notably, this extra allocation of RAM is stored in the physical hard drive. Typically, these have a slower access time than physical memory. Therefore, developers should not consider the swap space a replacement for more RAM. Certainly, check your Linux developer job candidates’ knowledge of a swap space before hiring them to your team. 

There are several top questions to ask a Linux developer during an interview. First, check to make sure your interviewee knows the difference between UNIX and Linux operating systems. Next, ask what tools they can use to build embedded Linux systems. In addition, you should verify that they know the basic components of Linux. Moreover, ask if they know what LILO is. Furthermore, you should also ask developers if they know what a swap space is, in case they run out of RAM. Ask these top questions to your prospective Linux developer during an interview.


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