8 Reasons to Make Your Own Craft Beer

words Al Woods

Craft beer has become incredibly popular in recent years. If you’re a fan of artisan amber nectar, you might like to consider making your very own beer.

There are numerous reasons why it’s a good idea. Here are eight reasons that might tempt you to start brewing. 

brew Craft Beer

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1. You’ll Always Be Able to Drink Your Favourite Beer

Brewing the style of beer that you enjoy the most isn’t as difficult as it may sound.

Sure, it can take a little while to master homebrewing, but once you do, you never have to run out of your favourite beer.

2. You Can Brew Unique Beers

Continuing on from the last point, homebrewing allows you to create and drink beers that are completely unique.

If you want to try cranberry lager or real ale infused with mango, you can; when you make it yourself.

It can be great fun experimenting with different ingredients and processes, and you’ll always have unique ales to drink.

3. You Can Save Money

While saving money isn’t usually the primary factor for why people choose to make their own craft beer, it’s still a good reason for why you should homebrew.

The equipment you need to get started is affordable and the cost of the ingredients per batch works out as much lower than the price you would pay for bottled beers at the supermarket or draft beers at the pub.

4. You Could Start Your Own Small Business

Not only can you save money by brewing your own craft beer. You could even make money.

Most homebrewers make craft beers purely for pleasure, but once you have perfected brewing and come up with a winning formula for a star beer, you may want to consider setting up your own business so that you can sell it.

Check out these tips for taking your homebrewing business idea to a professional level.

5. You Get to Learn Something New

Like any hobby, homebrewing craft beer allows you to learn something new and challenge yourself.

You get to learn processes and come up with experimental ideas for new recipes. Furthermore, you can learn as much or as little as you like. 

You only need to learn the basics of brewing to make your own craft beer, but if you want to learn more, there is an almost endless wealth of knowledge about beer brewing that you can access via books, online tutorials, and in-person masterclasses.

6. You’ll Gain a New Appreciation of Beer

The more you learn about brewing and the more craft beers you produce, the more you’ll find you have a better appreciation for a good beer.

When you’re drinking beer at a pub or restaurant, you’re sure to find yourself appreciating the flavour and body of the beverage you’re drinking and thinking about the intricate process that went into creating the tasty liquid in your glass.

Once you start making your own craft beer, you’ll never look at beer the same way again.

7. You Could Make New Friends

There’s a large and welcoming community of homebrewers out there, so if you want to share your joy of homebrewing with others, it’s easy to do so.

You can connect with people via online forums and at in-person meetings and events to discuss your love of your new hobby, get advice from experienced brewers, and make new friends.

8. You’ll Have Lots of Fun

Yes, when you make your own craft beer, you’ll learn a lot, gain a new appreciation for beer, and save money. But the primary reason to brew your own beer is this: you’ll have lots of fun.


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