Gemstone Jewelry Fashion Trends

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Gemstone Jewelry

The newest fashion jewelry trends are characterized by two polarities: big, bulky jewelry and sleek, elegant pieces. The former will be colorful, embellished with gemstones, and chunky, while the latter can be plain or slightly textured in striking colors.

No matter what you choose, gemstones are the focus of these trends. According to professional jewelers, Gemstones with a striking color or design are preferred over those more subtle ones. This means that gemstones can be large or have a flashy shape, just as long as the color is rich and vibrant.

The trends are designed with a slight retro influence, indicating that they will be fun to wear. Key components of the trend include:

Geometric Patterns Will Rule the Charts

Geometric shapes are dominating fashion scenes and have spilled over into jewelry. They are expected to be bolder than patterns in the past. The geometry of these designs can be simple or complex. Geometric designs are popular because they are tidy, precise, and orderly, making geometric jewelry an ideal fashion accessory.

Patterns such as triangles, circles, chevrons, and ovals are included in the trend. Pattern choices range from large block patterns with vivid colors to intricate designs that can be difficult to produce.

Vintage Gemstone Designs Will Be a Vogue Obsession

Geometric shapes are expected to be worn in bold, bright shades, but there is still a strong emphasis on vintage designs. Beads with a vintage flair will be popular, as will gemstones resemble those from the 1920s through the 1940s. Vintage designs are elegant and timeless. They are also versatile to be worn with several different outfits.

The vintage look is achieved by using crystals in clear or smoky hues. Larger stones are preferred, but smaller options are apt as well. Vintage-style gemstone jewelry will include emerald cut stones, baguette styles, and Art Deco sentiments reflected with accented patterns.

Choose Hybrid Cuts in Dramatic Colors

Designers are turning to gemstones with a hybrid shape to create unique designs with the latest fashion trends. The style is similar to geometric designs but features two rather than three shapes. The unique shape means the gems are rare so they will be much sought-after.

Hybrid cuts are bolder than traditional gemstones, which means they are ideally suited for modern gemstone jewelry. The bright colors currently in fashion can easily be achieved with natural gemstones. Fashion jewelry pieces are also likely to include metallic and natural elements, giving the pieces an extra-special look.

If you are willing to go beyond the basics, consider semi-precious gemstones such as jasper, quartz, rhodonite, hematite, opal, and chrysocolla.

Statement Gemstone Rings Are the Norm

The options for statement rings are endless, and the trend is expected to continue into 2022. The goal is bold, bright colors that can be worn with a variety of outfits. A single or a few large stones are more popular than multiple stones on the same piece.

Statement rings also have a retro influence, which means designers use large stones with a domed top to create a bold look. Baguette cuts are preferred for this reason because they scintillate like large, center stones. Try more than one stone in clusters instead of separate rings if you prefer more than one stone.

Statement rings are also likely to feature both metallic and natural elements, although the design is most often geometric. This means you can easily layer them to create a subtle but distinctive look.

Choose pieces that follow this trend for those who want to make a statement on the red carpet. They will make a statement at any event.

Stones in Rich and Earthy Colors Are Exemplary

Designers understand the need for more subdued pieces, so they are inspired by the colors found in nature. The current trending colors include earthy hues, especially those with a vintage flair.

The top colors include deep shades of emerald, sapphire, amethyst, and ruby. These are all classics that will never go out of fashion. You can also use various shades of browns with fuchsia, orange, and green accents for a bold look that will catch everyone’s attention.  

Rounded shapes are preferred, but you can also experiment with triangles and squares to create a more geometric look for this trend. If you prefer more than one stone, they can be used in clusters for a vintage-inspired look.

Earrings Will Be Out of This World

Whether you prefer hoops, stones set close together, or asymmetrical shapes that hang from a single band, there is an earring that is right for you. These styles can be worn with casual ensembles or formal dresses to add a little something special.

The stones used for this trend include diamonds, blue topaz, and amethyst. Pearls will also be popular this year since they offer a vintage feel. You can stick with a single stone or create a striking look with multiple stones that varies in size.

Designers love to use stones in bolder colors, so they are also inspired by space and the stars. If you have been bitten by the starry night’s bug, you can find earrings that they inspire. A large stone will be the accent with a starry night design, but they will also be combined with a variety of colors.

Play with Pearls

While pearls are not considered a trend, they are making a strong comeback this year. You can easily transition from casual to formal attire with a pair of pearls. They can be used in various ways, including earrings and necklaces.

With the pastel trend in full swing, pearls are likely to be a perfect choice. Choose pearls that come in a range of pinkish hues with white and other pastel colors. You can also use the materials to create a unique pattern that will set your look apart from everyone else’s.

With the popularity of statement rings and earrings, you can easily create an on-trend look. Whether you prefer gold or silver, there are pieces available for everyone. The vintage trend means that you can also incorporate faux stones into your look to recreate a vintage look.

You can also try a bolder color or have fun with multiple colors, including purples, pinks, and oranges, for a unique appearance. Buy your gemstone fashion jewels from a store like GemPundit that simply never disappoints.


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