Reasons To Rebuild Your Music Career In Liverpool

words Al Woods

The pandemic has been a challenging time for many people. Additionally, the entertainment industry has taken harder hits in recent times.

Unfortunately, jobbing musicians have also received a lack of assistance during this period, protesting in London and needing to take on other jobs to supplement their income. Things have not been easy to say the least, and the prospect of picking up the pieces of their promising talents may seem grim for many artists.

Still, there is a way back if you have enough patience and determination. Read on for some ideas on making sure your music career rebounds after the pandemic.

Music Career

Studio Access

You may find it easier to give your music career a second wind if you refine your talents in a professional setting. Fortunately, these creative spaces are easy to access.

Pirate have well-equipped recording studios for both beginner and experienced musicians. Their recording studio in Liverpool is an excellent example of their capabilities, featuring all the equipment you need to record, mix, and edit your creations. You can pop in for an hour or settle in for the day, and you are welcome anytime for an affordable cost.

You can also put out a call for a collaboration effort or even enter competitions with fellow musicians through these channels, getting your talents noticed more. Feedback on your work is also possible should you welcome it, enabling you to tinker with your art over time. Ultimately, you have access to expertise here too, and you’ll leave this type of Liverpool recording studio a better musician than when you entered.

History and Legacy

Liverpool has been home to some outstanding talent through the years. The music industry arguably changed forever due to the artists that the city has produced.

As you are probably aware, Liverpool is famed for giving rise to music legends, such as The Beatles. The iconic band also brings many tourists into Liverpool, highlighting their appeal decades after their debut. But how does this help you? Well, The Beatles influence could:

  • Bring new audiences to you who have an appetite for music.
  • Give you access to venues and subsequent opportunities that would otherwise not exist without them.
  • Energize your own creative processes through inspiration, motivating you onto further success.
  • Keep you humble in reminding you that glitz and glamour are not compulsory for the artist lifestyle.

Liverpool has enjoyed a great deal of investment since the Beatles came along. If you are prepared to invest it as well, then you will surely enjoy your own brand of success when the timing is right.

It’s not only The Beatles who are among famous musicians from Liverpool either. Cilla Black, Gerry and the Pacemakers, and Mel C of Spice Girls fame were also from the city. Of course, you don’t need to be from the city to utilize all its many benefits, but it’s a great place to get a good start in your artistry.

Music Career Liverpool

Venue Initiatives

Liverpool takes good care of its musicians. The city values its newer talent just as much as its historic achievers.

For instance, one live music venue will champion and support new music through socially distanced shows in September. This type of culture would be a privilege for any up-and-coming artist to be around. Because of these efforts, fresh talent will find their voices, hone their craft on-stage, and do all of it in a safe and controlled environment during a pandemic.

Remember that some areas of the UK would likely not embrace musicianship at all. Some artists playing pubs and clubs elsewhere would only be greeted by an indifferent audience. However, receiving this level of encouragement is a special thing and can be a great opportunity to further develop your talent – especially after a year of pause in the industry.

Diverse Music Venues

Not only are the music venues in Liverpool accessible, but they’re also accommodating of many different genres of music. Both classical and pop scenes have flourished here over time, alongside a smattering of other tones and vibes.

The Jacaranda, The Caledonia, and The Baltic Social are well-known venues in the area. There are dozens more also, and they all enable patrons to crowd in, have a drink, and listen to some live music comfortably. There’s a different offering of artists and ideas every night. Audiences can also engage with a variety of sounds and ideas all over the city. 

Even if you don’t perform at these places, they are great settings to stop by as an audience member too. If you are rusty in live performance, perhaps some of the featured entertainers can remind you of how it’s done? Remember, just as a great writer must also be an apt reader, a great musician must also be an attentive listener. Stop by and see what artists perform well or fall short. It can all be informative as to what direction your own music and showmanship go in. 

Insightful Learning Institutions

No true musician ever sits on their talent, even when times are good. You should always be trying to improve your skills, and Liverpool can help you nurture that ambition.

Many learning institutions in Liverpool can help struggling artists get back in touch with their craft. The University of Liverpool provides multiple undergraduate courses around music, while The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts yields plenty of opportunities too. Other colleges are also in the area. 

The best way to have another go at anything is through education. After all, music isn’t squarely about instincts and creativity. There is also technique and craft involved, so honing those traits in an academic setting could be helpful. Almost all of these kinds of courses welcome applicants regardless of their age, as well, so try not to let that put you off if you are older.


Liverpool loves music. The pandemic may have given you a setback, but if you are serious about having another go at your musical passion, then relocating to Liverpool could make a big difference. If you are already in Liverpool, then appreciate all the opportunities you have on your doorstep and make good use of them. After that, you should be able to rebuild your affinity with music and enjoy a long and prosperous career. 


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