With Rick Owens, everything is cross over, so unlike more ‘clean cut’ high-end fashion labels, a Rick Owens pair of trainers is exactly where you want to be if you love fashion and love sneakers.



Rick Owens’ fashion is ubiquitous with fashionistas the world over. His grunge couture is subtle and in your face, high culture and street cool.

Dark, leather, angular, gauzy drapes. It makes you think of the underside of his home town of California and the luxurious fashion of his adopted home of Paris. A Rick Owens’ piece – a soft leather jacket, high crusher boots – would be high on the coveted list of any true fashion lover – if they ever earn enough money that is.

These Rick Owens Geobasket Sneakers are extreme and extremely limited. Crafted from premium Italian leather, they feature Owens’ trademark exaggerated take on a classic basketball hi-top. Not a new launch, but always worth swooning over nevertheless, they are available for both men and women and are stocked in the perfectly appropriate surroundings of London’s LN-CC store. Get yours fast before they run out – again!

LN-CC have just restocked their supply of Rick Owens Geobasket Sneakers (£642). See www.ln-cc.com for information or arrange a visit to the LN-CC store at 18 Shacklewell Lane, London , E8 2EZ.

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